Ceramic tile decorated little knowledge

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-29
Small ceramic tile decorated knowledge for decorate owner, in order to decorate new home especially the decoration of the house, decorate metope ground, with the most preferred is probably the ceramic tile, ceramic tile decorated a third of the whole room layout decoration, ceramic tile is how to choose right now? How to buy good value, and contentment of ceramic tile also to have certain knowledge. One, to know the type of ceramic tile, ceramic tile: according to the feature points: floor tile, wall brick and lumbar line brick, etc. Floor tile: according to the points of design and color: imitation Spanish tile, glazed tile and ooze to spend polishing brick, etc. Wall brick: according to the points of design and color: printed bo changes a brick, wall tile. Lumbar line brick, is printing brick more. The general specification for: 60 mm & times; 200mm。 Ceramic tile: according to the technological points: glazed tile, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, etc. Glazed tile: the surface of glaze layer, widely used in the sitting room on the ground. Divided into two classes: first, clay fire; Second, the porcelain clay fire. : body brick not glaze porcelain tiles, skid resistance and abrasion resistance is good, suitable for water space. Polishing brick, brick that formed by polishing, high hardness, wear resistance and thin, light weight. Bo changes a brick: high temperature ceramic tile, one of the most hard. Ceramic Mosaic, specifications, quality of a material is solid, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to pressure strong versatility. Second, the ceramic tile of choose and buy when should pay attention to the following: 1, watch edges when buying ceramic tile, can take two to four pieces of the same brand ceramic tile aligned overlap together, look at the edges are neat, whether the error value within the prescribed scope, etc. , can also use a ruler to measure the length of the diagonal, see if consistent, etc. 2, it is very important to observe the surface smoothness on the surface of the ceramic tile, this can not only see ceramic tile in the face of reflection of light, good or bad. Also can see ceramic tile quality problem. Of course, the color of ceramic tile, less deformation, angular Angle, the roughness of ceramic tile also is very important. 3, ears to listen to good ceramic tile on the market on the send out when knock is ringing, this is because the hardness of ceramic tile. On the contrary, if the voice of the ceramic tile to hear when knock is ringing, illustrate the unqualified when the firing of ceramic tile, recommend careful to choose. 4 look, bibulous rate is bibulous rate is sentenced to grow ceramic tile quality an important factor. Because bibulous rate is lower to watch at the firm, still can reduce some empty drum phenomenon. Advice when the choose and buy can pour a glass of water on the back of the tile, observe their water absorption, water was disappearing fast, bibulous rate is high. Late the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck when prone to cracking damage, etc. 5, said the cleanliness to the cleanliness of ceramic tile, I believe you may feel some strange, in fact, the cleanliness of ceramic tile quality directly affect the cleaning of late. When the choose and buy, can use a big pen in ceramic tile surface besmear draws a few pen. See how fluency, will appear the phenomenon of intermittent, after waiting for a few minutes and then try to wipe with a wet towel, can try to wipe clean, etc. 6, the wear-resisting coefficient wear-resisting degree is also one of the important parameters of the ceramic tile, general component is 5 degrees, from low to high, five degrees is the most used in some large construction sites use wear-resisting, and domestic outfit to use, select 1 - wear-resisting coefficient 4 degrees. 7, pay attention to color, pay attention to after-sales treaty ceramic tile on the market category is numerous, the price also has a lot of differences between recommend when the choose and buy, do not blindly covet is cheap, only suggest choose some brands of ceramic tile, so whether in quality or in after-sale services have good security. Three, the methods and steps of the ceramic tile of choose and buy 1, randomly, glaze surface is smooth, whether evenly; All around should be neat. Number 2, will work with any take 4, check the size, smoothness and other issues. If it is four pieces of a group, should check pattern is clear. 3, will handle a case of brick, look at the overall effect, colour and lustre should be consistent. 4, the bricks on end and check whether the size is consistent, the deviation permit in & plusmn; 1 mm. 5, knock brick with good thing, if the sound is ringing, the quality is good. 6, see the appearance. Ceramic tile colour and lustre is uniform, the surrounding rules, the design is complete, colorless, some shortcomings. 7, drop test. Will drop on the back of ceramic tile, look at how fast water dispersion, bibulous the slower, explain the density, the greater the quality for the best. 9, feet. And high precision, the shop is stuck effect is good, high quality ceramic tile is not only easy construction, and save time and materials. Four, ceramic tile shop sticks note 1. Ceramic tile on-demand bubble water bubble water before the shop is stuck, suggestion: combining with the engineering construction progress, how many, how much bubble don't one-time bubble. 2. Plan your platoon brick tile in front of the shop is stuck advice: before the shop is stuck, plan your row.
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