Ceramic tile decorating figure rendering of the corridor

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-13
About ceramic tile corridor rendering decorate figure, most likely the owner can know some information. But it is not good for the unified standard, the following is the corridor tile decoration figure rendering example, small make up to introduce some information about ceramic tile corridor rendering decorate figure, hope these data can help to you. How to corridor of ceramic tile of choose and buy? 1, the hardness when buying ceramic tile, knock fragment can use methods to test the hardness of ceramic tile. Hold the one horn of the ceramic tile with finger, make ceramic tile natural down, then use finger tapping the ceramic tile in the below. If the sound is ringing with the sound of metal, it is showed that the ceramic tile quality is good, high hardness. So the ceramic tile of toughness is very strong, not easy and broken, and after the shop is stuck not prone to cracking and deformation. If knock voice is husky, dull, turbidity, suggests that exist within the ceramic tile is likely to crack, hardness is not high. 2, appearance can also identify the quality of the ceramic tile from the appearance. The first is the color difference. The same between varieties of ceramic tile should be no differences in color shades. Can put together a few ceramic tile spelling, look carefully in the light, good ceramic tile basic is consistent, its are tonal not two-tone. Followed by the size of the ceramic tile of the same variety should be the same length, and the length of the edge of the same piece of ceramic tile also should be consistent. In addition to see ceramic tile surface design have glaze, fall off, needle and other defects. Also can scratch the surface of ceramic tile with good thing, if there is a scratch is ceramic tile glazing. Such glaze on the surface of the tile when it was after polishing, it is easy to shelter evil people and practices, it is very difficult to clean up. Corridor laying ceramic tile? 1, first of all, should first clean up the scene 2, with just the right amount of water and cement powder on 3, in the construction of the ground and 4, to broom stir evenly, in order to increase and the viscosity of cement mortar 5, in the construction site to determinate the level gap between high places: first of all, on the wall of each side, respectively to measure the horizontal line 6, and then, with the level of each side wall head high benchmark, with cement mortar as tag, as the base level benchmark in July and will be in a ratio of 1:3 cement and sand mixed into cement mortar, for about six feet wooden ruler render, wiped out 8, lofting line 9, cement powder spray again, in order to increase the viscosity of ceramic tile 10, in the process of ceramic tile, one party to the hammer handle taps, ceramic tile to 11, on the other hand, it can really eat pulp and level measurement, ensure levels after 12, stick ceramic tile, ceramic tile to sponge water first wipe up 13, with sponge trowel caulking, caulking materials is to cement and stone powder ratio 2:1 coupled with just the right amount of water mixing and 14, to touch water sponge can be thoroughly clean the ceramic tile that is small make up for you organize the information on ceramic tile corridor rendering, hope these data can be more smoothly to complete to decorate a company to filter.
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