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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-19
As we all know, attaches great importance to the style of the modern indoor environment design, a white wall can build a comfortable look. With the metope ceramic tile shop stickers stain and dirt, only need to use cloth with cleaner can easily restore the original color ceramic tile, not afraid of water, corrosion resistance, can keep the smoothness and brightness of ceramic tile. ( Pattern tile decoration) So in the present use of decoration materials is, of course, the ceramic tile, today we will through the following four kinds of style of sitting room wall ceramic tile effect, to see the overall effect of the ceramic tile wall adornment brings to the living room. In the sitting room, as a family occupy a part of the larger area proportion, in decorating, natural cannot too careless. As the main area of family activities, the sitting room, except for family use at ordinary times will be used to receive visitors. The design of the sitting room often represent the style of whole household design, on the adornment of the sitting room wall, the owners would be hard. One, Mediterranean style of sitting room wall ceramic tile effect, the first thing you encounter is extremely amorous feelings of blue ocean elements. Give a person a sea of nose and pure and fresh breath. The ceramic tile of the sitting room, in TV setting wall section, in the form of blue and white Mosaic, pure and fresh and do not break the atmosphere. In fact, in the adornment of the sitting room, not all of the model is suitable for ceramic tile, for there are some house sitting room area is smaller, if still use ceramic tile for wall decoration, not only beautify the effect, still can cause narrow space, let a person full of depressive feeling. 2, but, like the Korean style effect in the living room wall ceramic tile, the sitting room of large area, combined with the decoration of ceramic tile, more style, more concise and easy, ceiling dome light design, projected on the floor of light can make the atmosphere of the sitting room more clear, noble. New classical style of the sitting room is decorated, the adornment of the ancient Greek and Roman art for people with habits, decorate in household in plane curve are used to achieve the change of dynamic effect, today, this kind of style is concise more simple and solemn. Ceramic tile texture change is clearly visible, reflected by the light, ceramic tile surface appear more bright. Three, Chinese style style living room wall ceramic tile effect, bring us the first impression is full screen of elegance and solemn, the combination of log furniture material and ceramic tile can highlight the simple sense of home decoration and more stable. Contemporary and contracted style of sitting room adornment is now more popular a kind of adornment style. Four, white sitting room wall ceramic tile can increase the permeability and the brightness of the room, and perception ability is better than other colour of ceramic tile. With fine carved wall structure design, and that the pattern of hollow out, let a sitting room emptied out a modern fashionable breath. Tiling effect, can make indoor look more rich, and can choose a lot of graphics, can the be fond of according to oneself to choose the right style and pattern. Along with the development of The Times and continuous increase of people's aesthetic view, people is higher and higher requirement for the style of the decoration pattern, make the whole decorate a style to design market constantly innovation, also more and more of the options available to consumers, consumers as long as seriously to find will find you want. ( Pattern tile decoration)
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