Ceramic tile decoration 丨 hello, here is a multifunctional balcony, please find

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-13
The balcony shop sticks ceramic tile decorated in the family is a normal operation. A feast for the eyes of the balcony, the absolute is an important part of a happy family life. So, how to create a beautiful, and have practical function of the balcony? The balcony upper berth sticks ceramic tile and the choose what kind of ceramic tile, choose what color, specifications, how nice to shop? Believe that this is a lot of owner are concerned about a problem. Recreational area if you want to enjoy the afternoon leisure, or blowing breeze slowly, make the mind fly. At that time, the balcony design into recreational area is the most suitable. Busy work to bring the huge pressure, cherish the rest of the time at home, in the hexagonal brick and wood grain brick build, the combination of natural and fashion of small space, on one side of his own little space, tea, reading, mind wandering roam, this is how comfortable leisure, natural color and outdoor green plant cany chair, comfortable, let a person as if place oneself the nature, leisure and relax. Let a person be in busy, more relaxed and comfortable and cool. Let life is full of poetic and daydream! Laundry if you claim life is convenient, can direct drying washing clothes. And hopes to be able to more reasonable effective use of space. Then arrange the laundry on the balcony, will be a good choice. At this time, the ground of the balcony, can use relatively thick ceramic tile, colour is tie-in white to receive ark, thus on colour contrast, whole space clean and tidy, high space utilization, clean clothes can take out directly, hanging on the balcony. It is worth noting that the balcony setting laundry needs the most attention to drainage problems, even if most of the balcony with a drain, but usually it is used to row of rain, from the point of view of environmental protection, is not suitable for the sewage and rainwater drain out together. Set up the balcony to wash clothes the most reliable approach or ask professional person to do a good job of water and electricity transformation, lest cause sewage blockage, bring inconvenience to the life. The garden have flowers on the balcony, a variety of grass, satisfy people's desire to nature, is the practice of many families prefer. Wood grain brick stone brick slightly decorate collocation, can have a temperament conspicuous, innovative home edition private small garden. Conditions allow, in combination with a comfortable seat, languid is lazy afternoon, or leisure weekend, there is nothing in your own little garden scenery, afternoon tea is more happiness. Will tell to average household work reading area, takes up a room, the study on the space, more waste, but if you don't study, home and a lack of a work thinking, quiet place to study, not very convenient. And put the study in the living room or bedroom, how many there will be influence each other. In fact home with a balcony, can consider to put the study on the balcony, completely is quiet and comfortable. Most of the time, fresh color and plant grain texture background wall ceramic tile, can let a space full of lasting appeal, at the same time also can let a person think calmly to work fast and reading. Might as well give it a try! If you love sports fitness area, do not waste the sunny balcony, put a running machine, boxing sandbag, yoga mat, do sports and enjoy the scenery outside the window, pick up. After watching the various functions of the balcony, you move? What kind of is your idea of a balcony?
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