Ceramic tile demand is higher and higher

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-30
Ceramic tile demand is higher and higher in the current social era constantly pursuing new and change, people demand for decorative ceramic tile to grow, thus make ceramic tile each manufacturer is speeding up the development of new products, constantly introducing new products has reached to the needs of different consumers. In recent years, the ceramic tile not only requires to design novel, the price is favorable, even the function of the demand is higher and higher. Overland also seems to be speeding up the pace of new product. Such as anti-slip: ceramic tile on the surface with a layer of glaze, make some ceramic tile looks brightness is a little high, but this kind of ceramic tile also can't satisfy the customer demand, also have prevent slippery function. Can put the sitting room, put these venues such as toilet. Family of old person or child can more security don't have to worry about falling, recommending Overland all nine a803 glazed ceramic. Anti-static and environmental protection: winter dry season, believes that many people will have a feeling of whole body charged, two people pass by, the timing of the change clothes, sit the feeling of fine will be charged, so if the ceramic tile of home is anti-static! Would it better? Anti-static ceramic tile can not influenced by the environment change, because has the stable antistatic performance, heat resistant and not aging, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation. In such cases even in the winter or many, still be green environmental protection product.
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