Ceramic tile design and color is tie-in appropriate, the family is decorated

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-13
Ceramic tile has become the family is decorated in the necessary decoration materials. The variety of design and color of ceramic tile, pattern texture rich variety. The ceramic tile of different design and color, can build a different family space atmosphere, bring different visual experience. And ceramic tile design and color is tie-in appropriate, not only need to lay good foundation for the whole space style, also need to leave room for subsequent other soft adornment collocation. So, decorate in the family, the colour collocation should be how to carry on the design of ceramic tile, need to pay attention to when choosing? Today, we have to find out, colour collocation knowledge about ceramic tile. In pay attention to the personalized expression of the moment, ceramic tile colour collocation must first accord with individual owner, and other members of the family household aesthetic cultivation. After all, home is the place where they long live, yourself and your family love is the most important thing. Secondly, the colour collocation of ceramic tile, use requirements to consider the practical life. Many owners when choosing ceramic tile, very pay attention to adornment effect, but neglected the practicability. However, from the perspective of household life, practicality is the basic demand. Different functions in the family space, demand for ceramic tile design and color is not the same. , for example, the ceramic tile of kitchen and toilet design and color is given priority to with light color, solid, but in order to do a more convenient clean, cannot choose pure white or white ceramic tile. Specific to the application of different functional Spaces can be divided into metope ceramic tile and floor tile for colour collocation; Also can be decorated according to the tendency of aesthetics and practicality, divided into ceramic tile colour collocation of the sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and tile colour collocation of the balcony. The ceramic tile of guest dining room and the bedroom colour collocation, pay attention to adornment effect. The former is my service and family gathering in public places, is also ACTS as the appearance of the house; The latter is the personal space rest sleep, highlighting the aesthetic personality. In ceramic tile colour collocation, is suitable for the ceramic tile designs contracted, warm and comfortable atmosphere, such as natural shallow gray marble tile, the part of quietly elegant of design and color light brick. Hutch defends a space and balcony for ceramic tile colour collocation, more emphasis on practicality. The ceramic tile of hutch defends a space colour cannot too grandiose, too gorgeous, also cannot use pure white, still need to bear or endure dirty able to bear or endure look. Again and the kitchen temperature is high, not suitable for use the ceramic tile of warm yellow, cool color attune of ceramic tile can be considered. And ceramic tile colour collocation of the balcony, on the basis of antifouling to bear or endure dirty, can use a more colorful design and color of ceramic tile, will usually choose design and color is more personalized archaize brick or tile.
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