Ceramic tile fear into the pit online purchase? When choosing and inspection can do so

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-09
Outbreaks can only be suspended during the home decorate plan, has already started to decorate the construction schedule will be affected. However, after the outbreak, or will soon restart to decorate plan. However, since this period of time, there may be some owner faces the problem of money is tight, decorate a budget will have to reduce. In order to save cost, some owners prepared through online buying ceramic tile, but again afraid into the pit, the ceramic tile to buy quality is bad, the opposite. So, if in online to buy ceramic tile, need to pay attention to what, what are the pit can be avoided, when the inspection to check? For these problems, the owners will know before shopping. Next, small make up to introduce online about how to choose the ceramic tile and the inspection. Online about how to choose ceramic tile? First of all, before the Internet to buy ceramic tile, the owners need to according to domestic outfit style and its demand for ceramic tile, determine what he or she wants to buy ceramic tile type and quantity, and the ceramic tile of related knowledge in advance. The advantage is to avoid when choosing ceramic tile on the net, aimless, see spent eyes. Secondly, going to big electric business platform, find a good reputation brand shop to buy, try to choose the ceramic tile of all qualified brand online shop, it's better if have synchronization in offline store. When choosing a ceramic tile, after all can't see ceramic tile material, so to ask product details to customer service, including but not limited to, the quality grade of ceramic tile, test reports, etc. In addition, before placing orders, good communication and customer service about the freight payment, delivery, damage compensation, and retreat more in less and other after-sales issues. Online shopping how ceramic tile inspection? Online buying ceramic tile, can have two chances to check the quality of ceramic tile. One is before the order, to make ceramic tile shop customer service to send samples. Identify good ceramic tile sample quality no problem, and then make a decision whether to buy. Another, is the time to ceramic tile is the arrival of the goods. Some ceramic tile shop can promise, if there is something wrong with the quality of ceramic tile, after the arrival of the goods can be return. So, take goods, unpacking acceptance of ceramic tile quality is very important. So, when the two inspection, should how to identify the ceramic tile quality stand or fall of the received? Identify, need random ceramic tile, first to see if there is any breakage. Then, observe carefully, on the surface of the ceramic tile whether pattern of design and color is clear, is there a pinhole and Mosaic. At the same time, can use the hand touch the surface of ceramic tile, feel its texture. In addition, through the drop test, able to identify its density and water absorption.
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