Ceramic tile floor tile for love 'home'

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-04
Recently, most people are at home, even though depressed, but can also carefully scrutinize this bearing we happy memories in the house, a good company because work at ordinary times and neglect of family, let originally day filled with anxiety, become warm and powerful. Here, let small make up ceramic tile floor tile manufacturer from drama about a city: urban drama starring led by sun li and Luo Jin realism 'home' will premiere, the play tells the story of them as a real estate agent in helping customers home, also bear witness to the customer the joys and sorrows in life, reflects the different people to understand. From the trailer it is not hard to see, the home = happiness is also the show to settle the core image deep thinking, for us, home behind conveys a sense of security and belonging have been deeply engraved in the heart of everyone. Under the new crown pneumonia outbreak, home health to become a popular vocabulary, also become the target of many consumers, as one of the national standard-setters ceramic tile floor tile, ceramic tile focus on family health and safety, the prevent slippery ceramic tile household space play safe, improve curtilage home safety coefficient. Ceramic tile floor tile with unique technology, through natural stone delicate glazed ceramic tile surface luster, effectively avoid strong light and reflected and manufacture of light pollution, make the person feeling comfortable, won't produce visual fatigue and create a comfortable, healthy, soft space. Also, the show understanding to the family, highly agree with ceramic brand concept, living for love and happiness. In this special time, we are more understand the meaning of home, family and loved ones together, the home is the safest place, home is the warmest harbour, and more people respect those who give up small home, for everybody. Look at the article recommended: how to improve fastest senior feeling at home? Set a big board table
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