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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-26
Everyone in decorating a house of time, always want to use the most economical and convenient way to decorate house the most beautiful, so many owners began to decorate the house can choose to use ceramic tile, this design also relatively complete. But after many years of use, found myself watching habits, how many will feel a little tired, want to change a kind of decorate a style, into a wood floor. Some people lay wooden floor directly in ceramic tile, it's very smart. One really can be directly laid wooden floor, ceramic tile above? Ceramic tile is, indeed, can be directly laid wood floor above. First of all, the ceramic tile in the process of laying a leveling has been made, so do bottom direct use of floor tile, floor of wood of uneven won't happen. Directly on the floor tile on the floor, laid up will be easier, at the same time also can quicken the pace of the decoration. Second, the wood floor, the floor tile with directly can save a lot of it. To tear down ceramic tile is not a simple life. Pull down to another is a fee. Directly in the spread wooden floor, ceramic tile can save the cost of the open floor tile and leveling. Second, the ceramic tile spread wooden floor to meet what condition? First of all, pay attention to the door and the height of the ground. Because the floor tile on the floor directly, the height will be higher than originally about 15 mm. Want to see, after on the shop floor, the ground will not be too high, the door would not close. Second, in front of the shop floor, to the tile surface for processing. Ensure that tiles are not free drum or loose. Otherwise, the shop floor, walk to have sound. In addition, to ensure that no dust on ceramic tile. Before laying wooden floor, ceramic tile surface to clean. If there is any breakage or uneven, can repair the floor tile flooring again after first. Finally, had better choose good quality rubber and wood floor. Also want to consider the problem such as environmental protection, durable. Because of good quality products, durable life is long, trouble will be less. Third, what circumstance, can't directly on the floor tile on the floor? If the height is too high, if the shop is real wood floor, highly likely exceed the threshold stone, the door will not close. Because real wood floor, the need to install the wooden keel + dampproof mat, a certain height. Remember to look at high line not line ahead of time. If there is a vast empty drum or uneven floor tile, suggest or directly after shoveling floor tile shop floor again. Because ceramic tile is uneven, spread the floor also may need to pull down heavily in the future, or floor will be stuck up. Four, the matters needing attention of wooden floor tiles directly laid 1, before installation, also need to decorate, please master to look at the situation of the ground is not suitable for installation at home? Will cut off the door, late again. Also want to observe the height of the gap between two indoor area, disposal of the miter, prevent drop too much, cause not beautiful and unsafe factors. Before 2, flooring, whole house has been on the ground of the overall leveling, if put the floor tile is minus, so the ground is undoubtedly need to leveling. Spend more time and money, and home furniture, home appliances, etc. , all need to move out. But if on tile floor directly, it may be temporarily moved to the bedroom, sitting room furniture moving fee also save a lot. 3, note that during the construction of all the ceramic tile of the line that play a base to pry, peripheral set aside about 5 mm gap, prevent the expansion of the late wood floor, the problem of the drum. For modesty, can also use the line that play a base of compound floor nails used to block cracks on the wall. Also look at the shop on the wooden floor, the door can't open. If the height is not enough, also need to let workers sawed wood door below a little down. Five, the installation of wooden floor process 1, cleaning, cleaning the ground, the ground of place with cement or fast dry powder leveling, and keep the floor dry. 2, pop up around the ground and wall of the vertical line, as a baseline for the shop floor ( Baseline distance away from the wall for 10 ~ 12 mm. 3, foam mat ( 2 mm thick PVC moistureproof film) Between, mat and floor MATS lap with plastic adhesive tape adhesion good ( Tower take part is not less than 150 mm) Shop 4 floor, try, try, try, three rows don't glue the first row and to play a good baseline alignment, board with board between joints staggered at least 20 cm, each row of the final piece of the floor plate shall not be less than 30 cm. Shop and indoor daylighting direction parallel or along the room ceiling extension direction. 5, glue, the demand on tenon glue, spread a row of each floor should stay or meters check whether straight; The crack of floor and wall with wooden wedge for tight. If width is less than 50 mm last row floor should be in the first floor, the width of the resection. 6, clear: the floor surface and flat-fell seam 'excess glue mark and dirt' cleaned up.
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