Ceramic tile frame method and clean

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-24
Online will now have a lot of information about ceramic tile shop door frame method and clean, from the data of these ceramic tile shop door frame method and clean we can come to the conclusion that a lot of knowledge about ceramic tile shop door frame method and clean, below is for us the information about ceramic tile shop door frame method and clean. The pattern of the red brick floor shop method of tile masonry masonry have & other; Trinity & throughout; Bricklaying, & other; Throughout the 2381 &; Bricklaying method, way and method, starched method and grey method. Among them, & other; Trinity & throughout; Bricklaying and shoving method is most commonly used. 1.“ Trinity & throughout; Bricklaying method: is a brick, a shovel, a rubbing pressure and flings out that the mortar masonry method. The advantages of this method of build by laying bricks or stones: mortar joint easy to full, good bonding, neat wall. Therefore, solid brick masonry appropriate USES & other; Trinity & throughout; Bricklaying method. 2.“ Throughout the 2381 &; Bricklaying method: namely by two steps ( Steps t and parallel) , three kinds of methods ( T step steps and parallel side bend, t is bent down and tied for step was bending over) And putting ash technique (eight Build by laying bricks or stones a brick with a swing, clasp, splash, slip and build by laying bricks or stones when it's header, slip, sprinkle, area 2) And a motion to the syrupcrowede ( using finger knead move, make fall on the ash pit light-bulb brick, mortar, after vibration liquefaction of mortar cement particles fully into the surface of the brick, produce good adsorption cohesive action) Composed of a set of accord with human body normal advanced bricklaying technology for the activities of the law. Using this method can guarantee the quality of masonry, it is based on & other; Trinity & throughout; Bricklaying method, and the movement continuity uninterrupted, avoid the effect of long grey and bond strength of mortar. During operation on the footwork, methods and techniques for the optimization, make clear a regulation far and near, high and low different operating surface action should be done and the operating position, eliminates the redundant movement, raised the speed of the masonry. Using this method, the site operation of plane layout and materials piled up, can achieve reasonable layout, operation specification, civilization construction. Accord with human body physiology and operation characteristics, can greatly reduce the fatigue strength of operating personnel, to prevent and eliminate workers occupational strain of lumbar muscles have certain positive role. Method is simple to operate, generally a new workers through two or three months of intensive training can grasp the point. Syrupcrowede method: grey spoon and shop in shenzhen or ash is spread on top of the wall a mortar, and then hands with brick or single hand with brick, brick into the brick flat after certain thickness in the mortar, achieve the neat edge, on line, horizontal vertical requirements. This method of build by laying bricks or stones of advantages: can be continuous extrusion build by laying bricks or stones a few bricks, less troublesome actions; Flat bulldozed extrusion can make the mortar joint full; High efficiency; Ensure the quality of masonry. Ceramic tile ceramic tile cleaning method can often be waited to profane by fat, scale, soap scum, especially the place of ceramic tile juncture shelter evil people and practices more easily. Do not damage again to maintain porcelain face cleanness porcelain face bright, can use muti_function decontamination creams clean. Place of ceramic tile aperture, should use the toothbrush dipped in first a few decontamination creams purify bilge, with hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow. Above is the small make up summed up for everybody some content about tile shop door frame method and clean, hope can help to you.
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