Ceramic tile get damp reason and solution

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-27
Ceramic tile get damp is not a strange topic for everyone, get damp is common, basic will be the tiles get damp damp places, small make up to introduce some get damp reasons and ceramic tile ceramic tile today get damp solutions to help you solve the problem of ceramic tile wet this. Get damp get damp a ceramic tile, ceramic tile ceramic tile get damp reason 1 get damp, seasonal factors, ceramic tile is higher temperature of moist air ( Relative humidity above 90%) Meet with low temperature and ground smooth non-absorbent, yi on the ground the condensate ( Usually at around 2 ℃ temperature will produce) 。 Most of this kind of circumstance happening during rainy season, rain, high temperature, high humidity. Once the weather clears, dry, get damp phenomenon can be eliminated. 2 get damp, soil factors ceramic tile is the water in the ground mat layer of foundation soil by capillary action, as well as water steaming up penetration, make the ground material moisture, and intensifying the room humidity situation worse. This kind of situation often happen all year round, and more difficult. In addition, there are outdoor poor drainage, ventilation of the room is bad to wait for a reason. Most of the south to surface are clay and the clay. Clay capillary water rise to heights of 2 ~ 2. 5 meters, the clay was 1 ~ 1. 3 meters. Use building materials of density difference when making indoor ground, will enhance the capillary action, the ground get damp phenomenon is more serious. Ceramic tile ceramic tile is wet wet reasons why wet reason 2 get damp, ceramic tile ceramic tile solution 1, wet season, can buy 10 - quick lime Within 15 kg, as for container, sealed, under the bed or in a corner, when the weather is very wet, open the lid, close the doors and Windows. But can open the necessary transom. Because of the quick lime dryer is a kind of good, he can absorb the moisture in the air and become, calcium hydroxide, make indoor air is dry. 2, regularly inspect the room may be affected with damp be affected with damp area. The wall tile of seepage water of 3, application of silicone waterproof coating, can prevent moisture from entering, and can make the wall. Conditional word, can be sprayed on wall moisture liquid and form a moisture barrier. 4, home water vapor generating activities. Such as bathing, cooking, cool clothes, can cause condensation of water vapor and humid. At this point, to tide in time, like the Windows and doors shut, and take out the damp air exhaust fan, or to mop mop dry ground water splashing in time, on the other hand, can be placed desiccant in the cupboard. Ceramic tile get damp solution tiles get damp solution small make up remind ceramic tile to get damp to specific analysis of the specific treatment, if because the air humidity is big to get damp, then we can only use desiccant to solve tile get damp.
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