Ceramic tile glue about how to choose

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-13
In daily life, we encounter all kinds of glue, glue according to different process is divided into a lot of kinds, different glue will classify ambitions. Especially when we were a family to decorate is used a lot, one of the ceramic tile has its special glue, do not casually use, otherwise will be a big problem. This issue with small make up together to learn about how to choose the right ceramic tile adhesive. ( Ceramic tile glue) Stick the glue of ceramic tile has a lot of kinds, they have high bonding strength, water resistance, frost resistance and aging resistance advantages, and the construction of it is very convenient. This kind of ceramic tile adhesive replaces the traditional cement sand effectively, and the cohesive force is cement mortar several times as much, application scope is very broad. Ceramic tile adhesive is of high quality cement, polymer additives and other scientific research with and become, accord with environmental protection requirements, has a strong stick force on smooth surfaces. Three kinds of commonly used ceramic tile adhesive: 1. Out of acetic acid type of this kind of adhesive curing speed, transparency is very good, curing on the way to release the acetic acid, have very strong taste, for metal, coated glass, and some inorganic materials such as corrosive. 2. Alcohol type TC off this kind of ceramic tile adhesive curing shrinkage rate, the smaller the possibility of flooding stripping is low, most of the base material is not corrosive. For fluorine carbon material, plastic, and marble adhesion is poor. If operation at high temperature, the reaction is fast, small molecules will not be able to work in time, form bubbles, which affect the quality of construction. 3. Acid type weak acidic glue on the cement and stone, because acid can produce acetic acid curing glue, and respond to the surface of the cement and basic materials such as stone, and the coefficient of expansion of base material is very big, may produce displacement or vibration may be, if you are too thin, when construction is neutral adhesive cured surface wrinkling, if it is neutral and acid adhesive, is likely to lead to a neutral yellow glue and glue is too thin. When these ceramic tile adhesive compared with cement paste and what are the different? We know together to get to know. Material: as more and more high quality of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is lower, the cement has been difficult to meet the requirements of bonding ceramic tile. And now the ceramic tile of specification also is bigger, with cement bonding is extremely convenient, so can choose ceramic tile adhesive to operate. Construction: traditional cement bonding ceramic tile process is relatively complex, and the construction efficiency is low, the effect also is bad, empty drum appear easily, fall off wait for a phenomenon. Instead, use ceramic tile adhesive not only can simplify the construction procedure, and can avoid empty drum, fall off wait for a phenomenon. Hope that through the understanding of the current content, you probably know what sticks ceramic tile adhesive. Choose the right glue, can gain the perfect effect of ceramic tile shop is stuck, the bedroom also will be more beautiful. ( Ceramic tile glue)
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