Ceramic tile in the shop is stuck they are important too!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-13
Overland thought in the process of ceramic tile shop is stuck there are a lot of ordinary materials is very important, if use undeserved, so ceramic tile result or some shady, Overland small make up take you to see what kind of material do you have in a, caulking agent a lot of friends, just decorate their house, it didn't take long for the kitchen, toilet metope and ground of ceramic tile aperture soon turned black mould. Jointing material divided into three kinds, respectively representing including three kinds of price, three kinds of quality: 1. White cement commonly known as putty powder advantages: cheap. Disadvantages: black, mildewy, fall off, not easy to scrub clean, color single not beautiful. 2. Caulking agent caulking agent is given priority to with white cement, polymer and trace the bacterium agent, etc. Advantages: color changes, mouldproof, the bonding degree is high, fall off not easily, convenient cleaning. Has a crack, water resistance and good durability. Disadvantages: will change color, but the time required for a long time, high performance-price ratio. 3. Beautiful seam an agent beautiful seam an agent is made of polymer, after curing surface into glazed tile, oil anti-fouling ability. Advantages: color changes, mouldproof, the bonding degree is high, will not fall off, easy to scrub, clean and convenient. Disadvantages: similar to color caulking agent, or better in performance. Is much higher than the other two. Second, the ceramic tile locator don't look down upon this little cross, the main purpose is to assist bricklayer's shop is stuck, make ceramic tile aperture size uniform, more beautiful. From the material, basic it is plastic, not expensive, but is very good, can choose according to the size of your ceramic tile aperture how cross, generally speaking, there are 1 mm, 1. 5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm to 5 mm. Suggest that we ask workers to use when the shop is stuck. Three, Yang horn line in Yin and Yang Angle there are generally two kinds of processing method: 1, the back of two ceramic tile to pour 45 ° Mosaic 90 ° Angle advantages: beautiful, there is no color difference. Disadvantages: easy to hurt, because the two Angle intersect is very thin, so can't afford to knock against, easy to scratch. Because there is a new house, light body tile deformation problems more or less, so, may appear after ceramic tile intersect openings, collapsed, and so on. 2, Yang Yang Angle line horn line material base is divided into two kinds, one kind is PVC, and is a kind of metal of stainless steel. The former use some more, the latter due to the color only silver and yellow, so use less. Advantages: no chamfer used directly, the future will not because the problem of the wall deformation or collapse phenomenon of porcelain, because the edges smooth there will not be cut. Weakness: the material, after years of use will be yellow color, have scratches, and ceramic tile color not unified, less beautiful. Ceramic tile laying is an engineering, the appearance of the house to make good use of complementary makings promotion details, can make whole decorate quality improve greatly.
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