Ceramic tile inventories in the first half of 2020 years

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-10
In 2020, is a key for ceramic tile of brand development, in the event of a ceramic tile floor tile market change your world, the same way has been difficult to support development. Challenge from making to move forward, each a splendid history which embodies the glory and dream. Ceramic tile floor tile in a flexible response to market trend, for the first half to hand in a satisfactory answer. Reputation, potential honor, crowned, ceramic tile won the 'national intellectual property advantage enterprises' that in 2020, the state intellectual property office to won the 2019 annual 'national intellectual property advantage enterprises' unit award. Guangdong ceramics co. , LTD was awarded. In this day and age, intellectual property is competitive, is say. Small to market competition between enterprises, to science and technology, competition between countries, intellectual property rights as the main weapon. Was named 'national intellectual property advantage enterprises' ceramic, will continue to strengthen independent research and development in the future, continue to strengthen the creation of independent intellectual property rights and protection, the corresponding countries 'construction of the intellectual property rights power', for China's transition from a big manufacturing manufacturing powerhouse comprehensive positive contribution strength. Nanhai district, foshan city, the development of manufacturing high quality general assembly held in foshan nanhai danzao according to. The meeting was hosted by nanhai district party committee, the district government. Meeting for the second batch of a total of 40 nationwide opening hidden champions in the south China sea manufacturing, ceramic ranked one of 40 champion, was awarded 'the manufacturing of the south China sea the hidden champions' glorious title. Guangdong province ecological environment agency in 2018 in guangdong province enterprise credit evaluation results of the public, including ceramic, a total of 17 enterprises rated as green card ( Environmental credit enterprise) 。 Foshan city, the ceramics become the only green brand enterprise. After red epidemic emfs, terminal, with live online sales model, can assign new retail terminal, new window to open the connect the world, between brand and consumer binge. Will continue to the future, ceramics originality genes interact with popular logo attribute to deepen live, for the vast number of consumers to newer, more refined, more beautiful products to unlock a new shopping experience. 'Macro' very march online home for march, to help the dealers through the difficulty, ceramic convened a special avant-courier of 'macro' very March 2020 online home big kick-off meeting. It is understood that online home outfit in 2020 to promote the marketing innovation mode, will be live through WeChat form, for the national each big stores guest storage drainage, promote clinch a deal, for the national family cheer, began to open in the battle. 'Health no aldehyde month' online home for April, ceramic headquarters with strong strength to hebei and henan provinces consumer brings real dividends, transformed the guest list is strong, can assign blasting performance is strong, with concrete actions for the terminal assignment can help, provide rear guarantee, coagulation hearts meet force, overcome the current difficulties. Situation, the major stores in the first half of 2020 the national ceramic tile benchmarking terminal stores from drawings to the construction of all completed by ceramic based tracking, stores in strict accordance with the ceramic terminal stores unified standard, store complete fashionable atmosphere, product display, beautiful and easy, convenient consumer choose and buy at the same time, effectively enhance ceramic brand image of the terminal. Ceramic tile first whiff small programs reveal the terminal performance doubling sales tips, bring effective sales skill and operation mode, through professional training to drive the terminal dealers to carry on the multi-channel promotion, as well as the combination of inside and outside double promotion. The other ceramic headquarters through offline promotion team teaching form, promoting the comprehensive level of sales elite, create professional marketing experts, to assist the terminal dealers customers a breakout, the competitive edge of ceramic.
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