Ceramic tile is about to rise in price as a whole

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-04
Fuse: ceramic tile price? From the point of the market now, ceramic tile prices is inevitable, but there are still a lot of people don't believe that say market is bad to do so, when the price? Is equal to the curry! So, let us to verify the argument 1: raw material of dead rise now market situation, foshan ceramic tile enterprises with all sorts of materials are rising price, foshan ceramic tile enterprise profit is limited, under a variety of materials rise in price, companies can carry? Recently, there is also a ceramic information such as media reported that the boom in coal and freight, 'boom' of the ceramic tile industry seems to be coming. Many in the industry, according to the current terminal 'price war' smoke, price confusion, ceramic tile pressure goods is serious, now talk about prices, dealers, customers and they will buy it? Argument 2: before freight soared, a wide range of media also reported that freight related to the new rule, the new standard vehicle limit is 4 meters high, this also means that 17. 5 meters car cannot drive 40 meters high on the road. Could have the vehicle directly, now be divided into several cars, freight will double. Ceramic industry information someone understands, ceramic enterprises now purchased almost all kinds of raw materials are in price increases. Under the strict overrun overload transportation regulation policy, procurement to clay of the factory price rise sharply, the board market continuously to one hundred yuan per ton rose for the unit, or dare not meet a lot of a cardboard-box factory orders, or each carton increases sharply. Demonstrates three: environmental protection and killed at the end of 2016, a wide range of media reports the foshan region such as environmental control, many manufacturers especially difficult, most enterprises were forced to shut down lead to received orders to produce, many companies have a holiday in advance, putting their faith in 2017, so that means: 2017 enterprise production cost increase, prices will rise. Conclusion: no does not go up as many ceramic tile production areas across the country have showed the tile price, now it seems that only in foshan ceramic tile production areas still on hold, but I think as the market environment, foshan will also soon to sit still, because the overall higher price of ceramic tile is no suspense. The raw material is up, freight rates rose, environmental protection also shut down, ceramic tile price be far behind?
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