Ceramic tile is in with what bit

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-28
Drill the ceramic tile with diamond drill bit. Diamond known as water diamond drill, hereinafter referred to as diamond drill. Drill with diamond drill can spray water at the ceramic tile, can cool the still can keep the stability of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not easy to crack. Water stations mainly has the following characteristics: 1, precise size, high precision construction; 2, no vibration, no noise, no dust, accord with environmental protection requirements; 3, on the surrounding structure without damage, do not need to repair; 4, equipment, small volume, flexible use, wide application range, is suitable for household, also suitable for engineering use. The choose and buy of electric drills and extended data maintenance 1, selection of electric drill bit size of choose and buy. With the increase of the electric drill size, its price goes up, the home of the general electric drill bit size of 20 mm is enough. Drill additional functionality options: the same model, there will be some additional features, for example, the representation of a model of R bit can be positive &negative, its advantage is that when the turn is not convertible into reverse; Models have E said electric drill can speed, when don't need high speed can be adjusted to a lower speed. 2, maintenance of electric drill due to ventilation, cooling the long-term use of internal dust, dust will make the gear and bearing ( Sliding sleeve) Lubricating oil mixed with metamorphic blot on aggravate wear, especially the alternative use. In order to guarantee the rotating precision of the electric drill, reduce because of the bearing ( Sliding sleeve) Wear and produce too much clearance, so need to clean the fatliquoring and internal lubrication.
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