Ceramic tile is spelling a flower: let a family to decorate appearance level double secret weapon

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-14
Each owner for oneself decorates the fuck broken heart, about beauty to your home, more beautiful. Standing in the perspective of domestic outfit collocation, any family, all need with a bright spot in the ordinary. In fact, whether it is contracted wind, costly wind, the wind or delicate elegance, spelling a flower application can always will indoor scenery of more exciting. So what is spelling a flower? Here a little science. Spelling a flower is refers to through the study of the art processing of plate materials such as ceramic tile, then joining together in together, form the art of design. Ingenious application of ceramic tile can often play a spelling a flower decoration effect, divide the use function, promote home feng shui etc, let household life beautiful warm and comfortable, convey master is yearning for a better life. Suitable for spelling a flower with integral space there are a lot of decoration, sitting room, dining-room, channel, porch, background wall. Different parts of the application of spelling a flower, as a function and the effect is also different. Spelling a flower to the sitting room living room is the household space with top utilization rate, the floor is Paramount. A good ceramic tile floor spelling a flower, can improve the whole sitting room adornment effect, reveal master life taste. Spelling a flower for restaurant is concise and lively pattern spelling a flower is especially suitable for used in the restaurant. The grandeur of the spelling a flower eat can provide a good dining environment, let a person is cheerful, increase appetite. For channel small space spelling a flower, if after the application of spelling a flower, it's easy to create an atmosphere, luxury image. Diamond cutting, the ceramic tile of rectangular geometry and art together, with the light and shade on the top of the light, moderate to make channel looks more luxury. Originally the small channel, also has big articles. Spelling a flower used in porch area is not large, utilization rate is extremely high, porch is the appearance of the home, also has attracted much attention in the household. At the end of this narrow long porch, supplemented by a pair of beautiful stunning designs, and reasonable application of ground spelling a flower is beautiful ornament is the space chic and elegant beauty, grace for the bedroom. Spelling a flower is applied to the setting wall of traditional ceramic tile on the wall is more onefold, lack of features, is the most basic effect. If you want to highlight fashion personality, let decorate a beautiful atmosphere, choose proper spelling a flower pattern background wall, will have unexpected harvest. Fashionable and atmospheric background wall, spelling a flower to promote the class space, show the features of spatial layout has a good effect. Numerous and not common, brief and not ugly. Wen can decorate a space, wu can divide the function area. Let a family to decorate level doubled in appearance, spelling a flower, and you're worth it!
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