Ceramic tile is the unit price how to calculate square

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-18
Ceramic tile is generally offer, in a block in the conversion to square meter price will need to first calculate the area of each tile ( Units: - With each tile price divided by the area of each tile ( Units: - Ceramic tile is the price of every square are gained. For example, the 800 mm * 800 mm ceramic tile is 100 yuan, the area of each tile is 0. 64 square meters, so the price of per square meter is: 100/0. 64 = 156. 25 ( Yuan/per square meter) , and so on. Ceramic tile, the sitting room is usually 800 mm * 800 mm or 600 mm * 600 mm, hutch defends generally is 300 mm * 300 mm or 300 mm * 450 mm, 800 mm * 800 mm tile, converted to meters is 0. 8m*0. 8 m, 800 mm * 800 mm brick is 0. 8 m * 0. 8 m is equal to zero. A piece of 64 square meters, 600 * 600 brick is 0. A piece of 36 square meters, 300 * 300 tile is 0. 9 square meters, 300 * 450 is 0. 135 square meters.
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