Ceramic tile is tie-in: to build different balcony

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-03
Balcony belongs to occupy a space, also need to have a good design and decoration. Balcony ground, metope and ceiling color to keep the same color, and the color of the floor tile to the deepest, follows the distinguished Chinese traditional ideas, that would not feel top-heavy. As long as color is harmonious, can let the balcony become a bright scenery line. So what color of the balcony floor tile can make more beauty? Let's take a look at. A, classic white floor tile most joker white floor tile can hold home decoration style, the balcony paved with white ceramic tile, sunlight, pin-points of sunlight, warm feeling. The balcony floor tile appear more spacious atmosphere because of the white. A small tea table is put on the balcony, two same style chair, collocation small potted, small garden balcony full of Jane's socialism will be finished building. Can enjoy the warmth of sunshine brings in sunny day, can also enjoy the relaxation of the incisively and vividly in rainy day. Second, the eternal yellow floor tile floor tile is also use frequency is more yellow color, yellow in domestic outfit belongs to one of the easier to match the color of the. Yellow can feel warm and relaxed, after a busy day, take a break on the balcony, is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment. The floor tile of wall brick, warm yellow light yellow, match the color of furniture, deserve to go up two rocking chair, let you linger in the warmth of the balcony, homesick mood start from the balcony. 3, a timeless cream-colored floor tile can be comparable, beige and white are timeless colors. Don't like the simple but elegant white, can choose the atmosphere of graceful and restrained cream-colored, this is somewhere between fashion between warm white and yellow, with high-end, atmosphere, upside to describe most associated with beige. No matter what the color of wall brick and smallpox, rice white floor tile can easily manage. Made of cream-colored floor tile balcony has its own calm the artistic conception, no matter how agitated mood can calm down as the color of deposit, stride charm let's stop. Four, xiaoqing new light green floor tile in an era of contemporary and contracted wind, the color of the light green is not popular. However, light green is the fit of rural style. Green, let a person think of healthy environmental protection, vibrant, can bring home another amorous feelings. The floor tile of reseda, tie-in a hanging chair, feel the wind blowing in the afternoon sun, as if place oneself in nature, let you never leave home to feel the breath of nature. Selectivity of floor tile color very much, can't follow blindly, should pay attention to the overall household style, each color will bring different mood, the harmonious collocation can create the balcony is about aesthetic feeling.
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