Ceramic tile JiaGongShui knife

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-18
Ground adornment except to use ceramic tile to piece together the effect of the complex, with a wave of line modification gives good effect, still can use knife collocation gives different spelling a flower adornment effect, so today we know the knife water spelling a flower! What is water dao spell hydrosols spelling a flower is the use of ultra high pressure technology to ordinary tap water pressure to the 250 - 400 mpa pressure, and then through the inner hole diameter is about 0. 15 - 0. 35 mm ruby nozzle spray forming speed is about 800 - 1000 m/s high speed jet, adding suitable amount of abrasive to cut stone, metal and other kinds of raw materials, to make all sorts of different design style. Stone water knife spelling a flower on the market at present the most common water spelling a flower is a stone water knife spelling a flower, use water to all sorts of color of stone cut into the modelling of need, then use glue patchwork. Mainly used in the star hotel, shopping malls, villas, home of the sitting room, dining-room and porch, is currently the stone decoration works best in the most gorgeous noble decorative products. Marble, granite, jade and man-made stone are good material choice. Metal water spelling a flower is used for water knife parquet metal mainly has two kinds of stainless steel and copper, due to its high price, colour also is single, mainly produces some company or hotel brand, can also be combined with mixed stone to some other spelling a flower design. Water cut is the strongest applicability of cutting process. Water knife cutting any material can be arbitrary curve of one-time cutting processing; When cutting does not produce heat and harmful substances, materials no thermal effect ( Cold cutting) ; Don't need to be cut or easy to secondary processing, security, environmental protection, low cost, fast speed, high efficiency, can realize arbitrary curve cutting processing, convenient and flexible and versatile.
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