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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-26
People mention in addition to foshan foshan shadowless foot huang2 fei hong2 probably would think of foshan ceramic tile, after decades of operation in foshan now lined with ceramic tile brands, including jinke ceramic tile is experiencing the development of the market competition the baptism to now still robust brand. ( Ceramic tile jinke) Jinke ceramic tile is the guangdong jinke ceramics co. , LTD. , the main brand, founded in 2003, the company showroom address is located in foshan city, guangdong province town founded zen city huaxia ceramic exhibition city, jinke ceramics with & other; Quality creates the future & throughout; For the enterprise business philosophy, constantly absorbing and digesting the domestic and foreign industry research and development of more advanced technology and marketing management concept, in line with the cooperation of high-tech and high quality team manager integration, optimization of management, adhere to in the product development & quot; Keep improving & quot; , is a collection research and development, production, sales, service as one of the modern ceramic enterprises. 1, the enterprise strength jinke ceramic tile factory address is located in foshan city, guangdong province He Feng founded zen city town industrial zone, with 2100 acres of production base, the introduction of two 7200 tons of Italy sacmi B type press machine, 280 meters long kiln equipment, more than 10 production lines, the performance of many sets of advanced testing equipment, such as hardware build TaoXingYe ahead of China, the gold standard product quality has a good reputation among the colleagues, become the peer & other; Quality representative throughout the &; 。 2, product jinke ceramic tile products cover: marble tiles, interior wall tile, polished tile, archaize tile, lapis lazuli, natural wood, seiko porcelain really stone, the whole modern porcelain tile, etc. Series of products, and for the first time in the industry to seiko standard system in China, with science and technology innovation and quality in the ceramic industry, the first developed with leading international quality & other; Jinke seiko stone & throughout; , the realization of the ceramic technology seiko revolution, set up the new seiko standards for ceramic industry. Jinke ceramic tile quality high-grade, lead, health and safety, high technology content, is popular among consumers, many products through the provincial new product appraisal. Young, fashion, personality, is the gold standard based on the understanding of the new generation of consumer groups, this year, jinke ceramic tile product upgrade again, gold plate, satin nano glaze technology, 450 & times; 900 porcelain tile of modern representative, etc. Products are listed, with high-end technology, more vivid to show the natural texture, make ceramic tile on the performance and appearance is contemporary and fashionable taste. 3, choice of raw material jinke ceramics raw material is very strict, every kind of raw material, through professional screening, domestic use of high-quality raw materials, also from Australia, Spain and Taiwan imports of raw materials, to ensure product quality stability and widened the gap between peers, so as to increase the market competitiveness. Jinke ceramics has a large indoor raw materials warehouse, the storage of raw materials for a year, can make the product quality more stable. 4, talent, and form a complete set of jinke ceramics company gathered hundreds of elite research and development, and management talent, regardless of product development and quality control of products, walk in the forefront of the industry, ensure the jinke company in a leading position in the ceramic industry. Jinke ceramics has a complete industrial chain, pressure machine, polishing machine, printing machine, furnace, frit, pigment, glaze and packaging related ceramics has a perfect facilities, equipment and raw materials to form the common development of relevant industries benign scroll pattern, integration of a number of industry resources, formed a powerful integrated advantage jinke ceramics. These are small make up some understanding and opinions about the jinke ceramic tile, hope to you are looking for ceramic tile brand decorate owner has certain help. ( Ceramic tile jinke)
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