Ceramic tile kitchen ark cupboard door how hold

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-18
We are decorating, kitchen cabinets are commonly ligneous ambry, but for many families decorate a budget is not many owners, could hand inside and don't have much budget to do ambry, then heard that can do a ceramic tile ambry, can save a lot of budget, but when doing the cupboard door, ceramic tile ambry may also has the certain difficulty, don't panic, look at the following three methods, maybe your home decorating, can under reference. 1, the ceramic tile of ambry make a wooden frame, fixed cupboard door for ceramic tile to ambry, almost no place to fixed cupboard door, then we can do in ceramic tile ambry, in ambry receive a space inside, do a wooden frame, then put the cupboard door installed on the framework, is ok. Although to do so, indeed, installed a cupboard door, but in this case, will waste a lot of material, ceramic tile ambry originally do is to save money, but have to do a wooden framework, added a lot of budget, so do wooden frame, the method of desirable, but not too sensible. 2, ceramic tile to punch holes do cupboard door to install cupboard door, actually the most important is the hinge, so after we do ambry of ceramic tile, reserve a installation position of the hinge, and then draw the installation hinge point, then use electric drill for drilling, and then there is the hinge is fixed inside the ceramic tile of ambry. Compared with a method, this method of installation of cupboard door is desirable. When installation is relatively simple. However, we need to pay attention to is that the position of the hinge must ensure good, punch when also need to be careful, don't break the ceramic tile, affect beautiful. 3, the reserved wedge in this case, the ceramic tile is what we are doing before ambry, can consider to install cupboard door, then we can adopt the method of the reserved wedge, later want to install cupboard door, also be more convenient. However, it is important to note that the wood products relative to ceramic tile, easy to rot, so the kitchen should be moistureproof work here. If late wedge get damp appear quality problem, to change again, will be in trouble. Above is the ceramic tile of cupboard door of cupboard of some related introduction, in recent years, ceramic tile of ambry also got the favour of a lot of families, on the one hand, the cupboard door is doing this need to be considered carefully, don't wait to ambry ready, cupboard door, late again do bad to do, that is very troublesome, the three methods above, relatively speaking, the second is relatively good, you can reference.
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