Ceramic tile knowledge literacy: teach you how to identify bo changes a brick and glazed tiles! ! ! !

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-02
Ceramic tile is the floorboard of all floor tile and wall brick, depending on the usage and function is divided into many types, is the most similar in all kinds of glazed tile and bo changes a brick, it is easy to ceramic tile is not very understanding friend to the confusion, the difference between glazed pottery and bo changes a tile so how? Here to teach you how to distinguish glazed pottery and bo changes a brick. Bo changes a brick is what? What is glazed tile? Bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile actually. Clay and stone powder through the press, and then fire and into, colour and lustre is consistent, positive and opposite its high production requirements, pressure machine is better, can suppress the higher density, at the same time, firing temperature is higher, can make whole porcelain. Glazed tile is the surface of the brick after burn glair brick processing. It according to the different raw material is divided into two kinds: ceramic glazed pottery, become by argil fire and into, bibulous rate is higher, intensity is relatively low. Porcelain makes glazed pottery, become by porcelain clay fire and into, bibulous rate is inferior, strength is relative taller. Its are main the feature is rear color is gray. According to burnish different, can be divided into the following two kinds: light glazed pottery, agree with make 'clean' the effect. Dumb smooth glazed pottery, agree with make 'vogue' the effect. What is the difference between bo changes a brick and glazed tiles? Look from the bibulous rate, bibulous rate is higher than 0. 5% is glazed pottery, below zero. Bo changes a brick is 5%. Spray on the surface of glazed pottery porcelain content is low, but the enamel, so beautiful and good anti-fouling. Bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile, high hardness is wear-resisting, used for a long time not prone to damaged surface, stable performance. Glazed pottery and bo changes a brick basically use in what place? Glazed tile slip? Glazed pottery is mainly used in the metope of kitchen and bathroom, kitchen and toilet ground in general, with glazed tiles. Bo changes a brick is mainly used in the sitting room toilet metope and ground. Bo changes a tile mainly ground in contemporary family adornment is given priority to, in terms of its performance, used in hutch defends wall ground is entirely possible. Glazed tile in the aspect of color effect is more diverse, and glazed tile anti-fouling prevent slippery, but wearability is poor than bo changes a brick, surface used for a long time may be big. Bo changes a brick vitrified degree is higher, the surface is hard wear-resisting, long using stable performance good cleaning. Bo changes a brick of antiskid performance slightly weaker than glazed pottery, when choosing to pay attention to test its non-slip performance, water poured water on the surface of the tile brick under test. How to choose and buy ceramic tile? The layman in the selection of ceramic tile ceramic tile often rely on the eyes, without considering the quality and the quality of ceramic tile. The personage inside course of study is introduced: the ceramic tile of choose and buy a lot of skill, beginners can refer to ceramic tile don't understand it. A look at the specifications, good brick fell in pieces, size is consistent, but to be honest, most of the domestic tile size is not very good, a few bricks together, usually size are different, so try to choose normal manufacturer product. 2 see bibulous rate, generally as small as possible, as long as to pour some water behind the ceramic tile, it is easy to see that if the water was absorbed at once, that is bibulous rate is high, the possibility of a problem is very big in the future, if the water is difficult or slow to infiltration, that brick is better, bibulous rate is low. Can also listen to the voice, but not in the industry that is not, because you listen to too little, no feeling. Contact: miss Sue contact number: 18680030677 ( With WeChat) Company address: foshan city zen JiHua four-way meaning beautiful home sanitary ceramics 14-1 in the world 15,
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