Ceramic tile loss reduction techniques

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-06
Although there are a lot of building materials building materials market, but does not hinder the ceramic tile become advocate material in domestic outfit. High performance/price ratio, and relatively speaking, ceramic tile, but due to the area of the shop is stuck, it is also a straight big spending. In the process of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck and there will be a loss, let's explore the factors of ceramic tile wastage, reducing wastage ceramic tile, hope to be of help. A. The factors of ceramic tile, ceramic tile loss loss can be divided into the inevitable loss of normal and abnormal loss can be avoided. We need to understand the factors that influence the ceramic tile wastage to take corresponding measures to reduce wastage. 1, space, and compatibility effect though ceramic tile ceramic tile specifications specifications different, but each batch size is fixed, ceramic tile and floor space size and ceramic tile size can not match, it is necessary to cut ceramic tile, by cutting off the ceramic tile such as can not continue to use can cause loss. If the space circular arc, corner, etc. , the loss of ceramic tile also increases accordingly. 2, construction master proficiency influence ceramic tile shop sticks for workers craft requirement is very high, hard to avoid in the process of construction need to cutting, ceramic tile, if no home craft kung fu, it is easy to cut the tiles in the wrong size in the process of construction or break. These actions will undoubtedly increase the wastage of ceramic tile. Affecting ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop sticks way paved way has a lot of kinds, different way of shop sticks ceramic tile also affects the wastage. The ceramic tile of straight shop loss minimum, the diamond, the shop is stuck not specifications, etc. , to ceramic tile loss is relatively large. Second, reduce the loss of ceramic tile of scheme 1, choose ceramic tile of brand of big brand ceramic tile quality guarantee, don't covet is cheap to inferior ceramic tile of choose and buy, inferior ceramic tile is caused by the loss in the process of construction will not lower than the price of ceramic tile of good quality. Big brand ceramic tile can have high quality after-sales service, ceramic tile appear quality problem, also need not worry about recourse. 2, clear dosage and choose standard ceramic tile ceramic tile in front of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, need accurate calculation use ceramic tile, the most simple method is painted brick number directly. According to the size and space size ceramic tile, calculate the amount of ceramic tile on brick row of figure, so I can buy the whole lot once and enough ceramic tile, dispense with the trouble. When ceramic tile of choose and buy don't ignore the size of the ceramic tile. The size of the general need to consider when the choice space, according to space visual area to choose the appropriate ceramic tile, so as to reduce the wastage. 3, choose the right means of the shop is stuck with special ceramic tile shop sticks way can make ceramic tile wastage increase, if the entire space style do not want to because ceramic tile shop sticks will change. Can be in accordance with the drawings and ceramic tile sales manufacturers to negotiate, calculated with which way is more economical or let vendors cutting finished size. 4, chose by spectrum, craft master craftsmanship skilled construction master, cutting ceramic tile in the process of construction, etc. , can reduce the loss of ceramic tile. Best can to site supervisor, prevent workers waste at will.
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