Ceramic tile maintenance done well, clean health more worry

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-15
Clean and tidy home environment, which is beneficial to keep people happy and comfortable mood, improving quality of life experience. As a result, most family will regularly clean sanitation. However, household cleaning, the most let a person worry is some stubborn dirt is difficult to clean. Now there are a lot of family of metope and ground is posted on the ceramic tile, ceramic tile clean often time-consuming and power consumption. In fact, stubborn dirt the most time of the solution, is to prevent it. And, in view of the ceramic tile of different material, the maintenance each have exquisite. The maintenance of body brick can be said to be one of the most basic body brick tile, often used in domestic ground adornment. Its surface is no glazing, no polishing, slightly small pores, easy dirty, not easy to clean. Once the stain color seeping into brick, it is difficult to clean thoroughly. So, the maintenance of body brick should pay attention to avoid contact with colored liquid, such as drinks and tea. Polishing brick maintenance of polishing brick as modified version of the brick and upgrade, inherited the brick hard wear-resistant advantages, at the same time also failed to get rid of the characteristics of easy ooze body brick pollution completely. After a fine polishing and polishing brick surface, although increased gloss, but also further make pores on the surface of the ceramic tile. So, polishing brick maintenance needs to be done antifouling layer, also can maintain through regular waxing. Glazed ceramic tile maintenance of glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile surface with a layer of transparent glaze layer. This level of glaze is smooth and bright, can effectively avoid the pollution, formed a protective layer of glazed ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic tile glaze surface is thin, however, no corrosion and wear. So, glazed ceramic tiles to maintain the key is to protect its surface glaze layer. At ordinary times in life, do not use hard or sharp objects grinding scratched the surface of the glazed ceramic brick; Should choose when clean neutral detergent. Bo changes a brick maintain bo changes a brick in the family is decorated in, very widely used. In contrast, bo changes a brick in the aspect of maintenance easier. Because bo changes a brick surface is smooth, less porosity, not only is not easy to hide the unclean permeability, also convenient clean sanitation. Bo changes a brick, however, less porosity is not equal to no air hole, or colored liquid falls, to avoid as far as possible contamination. Cleaning is complementary, prevention first. Through the ceramic tile to maintain, can prevent the stubborn dirt, so that the family health cleaning easier. Above for the ceramic tile of different materials and maintenance methods are introduced, hope to be able to help you effectively solve the problem of ceramic tile shelter evil people and practices hard to clean. Want to create a clean and comfortable home environment of the owners, to put this to use, take action!
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