Ceramic tile manufacturers talk about ceramic tile adhesive using method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-06
In modern shop sticks ceramic tile adhesive adornment, ceramic tile glue with water resistant, high bonding strength, freeze-thaw resistance, ageing resistance performance is good and the construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, people is higher and higher utilization, ceramic tile adhesive using method there are both traditional point stick method and the method of using a wide range of scraper, today, small make up to you to introduce ceramic tile ceramic tile manufacturer gum using method is as follows: one, a brief introduction of two kinds of ceramic tile adhesive method of use: 1. The traditional ceramic tile adhesive using the method of point sticking method: this method is simply good stir mucilage coating on the back of the ceramic tile ceramic tile, then stick it on the substrate of a conventional ceramic tile adhesive application method, this method is likely to cause bad phenomenon of empty drum ceramic tile, so now this kind of ceramic tile adhesive used method with less and less; 2. Recommended tile adhesive using method of scraper method: ceramic tile adhesive scraper method also called thin ceramic tile adhesive stick method, use ceramic tile ceramic tile glue mucilage glue scraper method carding on the grassroots, help the excluding of tile ceramic tile on the back of the air, the full rate of slurry has good security, but also can effectively control the dosage of the mucilage, and paste thickness control.     Second, to understand the above two methods of ceramic tile adhesive used, also need to know the specific ceramic tile adhesive scraper thin stick use method. The specific method is: a) Ceramic tile adhesive before using the tool ready: for the sake of smooth and efficient to use ceramic tile adhesive, contractor to be ready in advance ceramic tile adhesive needs to use before the use of materials and tools, concrete has: ceramic tile adhesive, rubber hammer, electric mixer, shovel knife, scraper, strong plastic, level, such as plastic cross; 2) Ceramic tile adhesive before use check at the grass-roots level and plaster leveling processing: ceramic tile adhesive before use check whether there is any looseness on base, strong degree of insufficient advice do net processing way guarantee strength, and prevent cracking; To the base level of supply clear to ensure the construction wall, ground is dry, leveling, no dust, in view of the empty drum ceramic tile, fall off supply bump, should first clear and leveling datum, rugged available with polymer mixed mortar screeding repair, to avoid these factors influence the adhesiveness, ceramic tile adhesive plaster, after the completion of sprinkling water in the morning and once, maintenance more than 7 days, then sticks ceramic tile; 3) Ceramic tile adhesive and water according to certain proportion to form a paste: join order: after the first liquid powder, the specific proportion is: the ceramic tile adhesive and water, according to the 20 kg: 4. 4 - 4. 8 litres of proportion, then stir with electric mixer for 3 minutes, stir well, until there is no granular paste, then let stand for 10 minutes, until fully cured, then stir again, about 15 seconds to stir before use to make it normal use. 4) Ceramic tile adhesive scraper thin stick, ceramic tile glue scraper thin paste mainly divided into the tile, tile, and protect the three steps, specific as follows: 1) At the grass-roots level surface pop-up frame line, the ceramic tile 'before paving, prevention of post in the wrong, not harmonious. 2) The slurry mixture with tooth type scraper group respectively to metope ceramic tile on the back, and then rub pressure positioning put tiles on the wall. So on the ceramic tile to stick out entirely. Attention will be given to seam between ceramic tile. 3) The protection before ceramic tile seam beauty, prohibit trample and drench water 24 hours for ceramic tile seam. The above is the ceramic tile manufacturers small make up to you to introduce ceramic tile adhesive application method, if you have any other question welcome related columns on this site or the local dealer, saw this article recommend: how to use the glue sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile
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