Ceramic tile micro film 'I hope all health can not be betray'

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-01
This year in the face of the outbreak, the ceramic tile to all health can not be betray, 2020 there are too many want to thank people and events. Once upon a time, those NiXingZhe also needs to be the world to protect and love of ordinary people. But in such a special year, they still choose to go to a line, to the most dangerous in the battlefield, guarded the myriad family. Health net world ceramic tile product release and micro film is big hits, 15:00 on April 27, invite you to witness the cloud conference on the eve of the belt you advance according to ceramic tile micro movie plot may all health don't be disappoint. 1. Ceramic tile floor tile product appearance, the depth of the core technology of revelation: the day will be screened in cloud seeding health net world tile work between video to cloud seeding fans within different visual experience, more intuitive understanding of the product performance and reliable quality. 2. Ceramic tile floor tile cloud conference window: popularity cafe, unlock the health trend of household, will invite a number of mysterious higher-ups on cloud live, how to uncover the functional ceramic tile products through domestic outfit channels, how to occupy the market through the net community health ceramic tile highs. 3. Ceramic tile is healthy and free aldehyde, micro movie premiere tech-oriented theme: there is a classic sentence 'what years static good, however, that they are some weight for you. During the period of 'outbreak, resistance to disease, have sprung up in the front lot of silent guard everyone healthy people, their story might not earth-shattering, but ordinary insisted on moving, as health net ceramic tile, quiet and permanent removal of formaldehyde, caring about the health of people. The ceramic tile with resistance to disease subjects, showing the micro film not only combines the current hot spots, and sublimate the theme. Take turns to welfare hanging them incoming, major to you can't imagine, benefits the countdown, buy is welfare! 4. No aldehyde as a ceramic tile floor tile first 'health', ceramic group captures the value of 'health' behind the deeper emotions, with consumers in the form of micro movie dialogue, with stories of ta in deducing the life the most the real you, I awaken people to the health of new understanding: keep healthy and make a better life and spread out for us. On April 27, 15:00 we stay tuned, be there or be square! See the article recommended that health net world ceramic tile 427 new cloud conference invitation guide
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