Ceramic tile of bathroom little emotional appeal

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-06
Overland ceramic tile in the bathroom little emotional appeal 1 Overland shop sticks ceramic tile, unique charm of pet small endowment emotional appeal of space, white shadow square brick low-key inside collect, large area of the shop is stuck on the wall don't feel. At the edge of the area that wash gargle and tub choose white honeysuckle with series square brick, natural transition and emphasize the key. Square tile of floor tile chooses white small specification, the style is unified, tie-in coordination. Because of the large area USES white ceramic tile, bathroom furniture, choose the red bold and unrestrained, color jumping, ornament. A group of trapezoidal bathroom ark, trapezoidal mirrors, angular geometry line has brought the whole space how much the smell of postmodernism. The purpose of the separation of dry and wet area according to different function independently. Using different colors to decorate the wall or ground ceramic tile, let dry and wet area clearly separated, is to make the bathroom look relaxed and have a good way to design feeling. According to the size of the bathroom, structure, daylighting and actual demand to choose the ceramic tile of match. 2 overland shop sticks ceramic tile, the unique charm of the golden moonlight treated with glazed Mosaic tile, glowing light silver light, like a night in the moonlight. Wall tile and floor tile all use the same specifications of the Mosaic brick, entity. Because the area of metope very big, can be in the blanks with creative design, like here to choose broad-leaved pattern Mosaic brick, the tropical forests of collage into an abstract figure, very attractive. Red and black collocation of bathroom furniture, low-key in do not lose enthusiasm. 3 overland shop sticks ceramic tile, the unique charm of life, the baroque baroque is a great art style in Europe, has a strong romantic colour, it focuses on the spatial aspects of the work and stereo feeling, movement and change. This topic space embody the characteristics of the baroque style: the design of the integral space is full of romantic aesthetic feeling, the ceramic tile with three-dimensional purple and white circle highlighted stereo effect, the toilet at the back of the wall to choose the ceramic tile of line is complex, rich color makes decoration, fills moves the feeling. In addition, on the choice of accessories is also pay attention to taste, to proceed. Bathroom tile color selection and collocation, can choose the same size, same color but different color of ceramic tile, in the shop, with a little bit move charade. Make every effort to change in color, not only the direction of the shop is stuck and shape can be. Combined with ceramic tile color and form and the surrounding depth contrast, appear very outstanding. Both classical style and modern trend, in contrast to decorate toilet metope color contrast and shape is not only the good method that save trouble gives prize again. Overland ceramics, ceramic tile experts around you.
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