Ceramic tile of brand of the champions league

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-22
Speaking of ceramic tile, may be a lot of people can a lot of domestic brands to ceramic tile, but in fact, in the domestic reputation and quality of the ceramic tile on the brand is not due to too much, this small make up to make a brief introduction of the ceramic tile, see what do you know about whether the ceramic tile of the brand, hope this helps you to choose ceramic tile! ( The crown ceramic tile) 1, hundred hundred crown ceramic tile ceramic tile enterprise profile crown brand in the domestic leading high-end products, the company's position is also in guangdong province foshan ceramics industry headquarters east tower C 01, the crown ceramic enterprises guided & other; The crown hand in hand, create brilliant & throughout; Business philosophy, and adhere to the people-centered management system, by continuously enterprising, innovative spirit, continuously expand and improve ceramic production, sales and service industry chain. Company will provide customers with the best quality service, for the society provide the most perfect products, strive to become the ceramic industry's most competitive brand. 2, best crown ceramic tile enterprise strength so far, the crown the ceramic tile with zhaoqing manusacture, sanshui white shows, emerging water table three ceramics production base, 16 production lines. Get recognition from all walks of life in the process of enterprise development, and won the China ceramic industry association by the new list & issued by the other; The brand of the year & throughout; And & other Annual excellent products & throughout; 、“ China's national compulsory product certification throughout the &; Such as honor. 3, product introduction on product positioning, the crown ceramic tile products in line with market price, product design and color is rich, the manufacturers and win-win platform for the enterprise, the crown ceramic tile products cover: marble, crown stone, jade SPAR, diamond, porcelain is impression, soft light stone, color SPAR, rubik's cube, harmony SPAR, etc. Series of many specifications. Product design and color is novel and fashionable, variety complete, is the modern home, star hotels, shopping malls, modern office buildings, schools, government agencies, such as building materials of choice for decoration engineering. 4, main microlite products from at the beginning of the build, the crown ceramics has been committed to create excellent microlite products. In the third session of the Chinese real estate and household crossover summit and one of the ten famous brands in China building sanitary ceramics awards ceremony, the ceramic crown to vote through the network, brand awareness, questionnaire and expert evaluation after three links, finally with high-quality product quality, the strength of the macro thick scale and good reputation won the consumer & other; Microcrystalline ten big brand & throughout; The honor. So if you need some high-end ceramic tile of choose and buy, the ceramic tile is a good choice, if you still want to know more about the relevant contents of ceramic tile, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( The crown ceramic tile)
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