Ceramic tile of the ancients

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-14
What are the considerations for purchases archaize brick? The shop is stuck, archaize brick method is how of archaize brick generally bricks is the flatness is not good polishing brick, the shop is stuck not good polishing brick shop. How do archaize brick shop is more good-looking? Can through the floor tile in the shop is in the process, texture, color is different, or. 。 。 Archaize brick also design a lower post, diamond shop is stuck and spelling a flower is good. 。 。 。 What are the precautions for archaize brick shop is stuck? Lawrence archaize brick paving method, the archaize brick paving process more complicated. Due to the design and color of polishing brick is relatively simple, so the shop is stuck process easy, at the same time, the polishing brick tile and brick shop is stuck not sew as far as possible, also can undertake cutting at the shop is stuck, because the archaize brick surface decoration, such as the unique patterns so archaize brick process is relatively complex, moreover, archaize brick shop is stuck is to keep a certain gap. Archaize brick pavement high operating costs why some archaize brick to do inclined shop, spelling a flower modelling, relatively than do take the time to post ordinary brick, labor natural will be higher. Another archaize brick is generally going to the shop is stuck, seam gap to look pretty sure size should be consistent, so the work, the technological requirement is high, the caulking agent must choose low shrinkage, no crack, easy to clean,, or less than six months will be off and become yellow. Archaize brick shop will lose a lot of waste brick, I suggest that you can be in sitting room and balcony lateral spread around 15 _30 brick joint. 。 。 2011 - 01 - 27. 。 。 Archaize brick shop is stuck with cad how general is filling the & other ANGLE” Legend, tagging explain archaize brick generation Angle waveguide and flowers line what do you mean Angle of flower shop of archaize brick and wave lineup? This depends on your own design, the shop is stuck method are many, depending on what effect you want. Rounded archaize brick generally how to post the rounded brick to have the Angle of form a complete set to spend, are spread or inclined shop. Floor tile is an important step in our home, master said ceramic tile shop is stuck is to bubble water first, is that so? Archaize brick paving attention before shop sticks ceramic tile, typically with blisters, first one is to clean the dust on the reverse of the ceramic tile, easy to paste, 2 it is to make ceramic tile water absorption, easy to paste, the ceramic tile of poor at the same time, if a bubble in advance, can let it soaks up water first, so that with cement paste, will no longer absorb how much cement moisture inside, you can think about it, if ceramic tile is not good, again not bubble water, once with cement paste, cement in the dirty water into the gap will follow the ceramic tile ceramic tile, if the permeability to show that it is ugly. But like long valley, ceramic tile, because bibulous rate is low, so can't bubble water, bubble water, of course, also there is no harm, clean the dust on the reverse of the ceramic tile is also good. Shop shop to stick floor tile, generally speaking, there are dry and wet two shop law, spread cement sand is not completely dry mixed with water, add some water, only wet shop such as cement and sand mixture stirring completely to mud to shop, shop can use wet water more toilet, sitting room, can use dry, specific also look at the situation at home, general decoration company will according to the situation to select the correct construction method. Wall brick shop the shop is stuck is usually wet, otherwise can't stick on. Shop sticks ceramic tile, generally used to cross, cotton yarn, groove seam an agent etc. Shop sticks ceramic tile, in the process of cross on for 4 pieces of the adjacent tiles, used to align, general small brick ( For example, 10 x10) Gaps left is bigger, such as 5 mm, then to align with 5 mm cross, brick and other general leave seam 2 mm or 3 mm is enough, usually 5 mm cross at the time of ceramic tile is quick drying can pry, reuse, so that you can do 2 mm and 3 mm gap cross is can't get it, otherwise easy to pry ceramic tile, so can not be reused. The dosage of the cross like the piece number of ceramic tile, so buy ceramic tile good count themselves need to buy how many cross. Archaize tile pavement construction step is what? “ Leveling & throughout; 。 The so-called leveling, you are in front of the shop is archaize brick, brick buildings in surface processing, such as metope, metope, ground, etc.
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