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Ceramic Tile pollution and maintenance

Ceramic Tile pollution and maintenance


Do you know? Tile pollution can happen! But what is tile pollution? What should we pay attention to? All should be considered! Tile pollution mainly comes from chemical elements in raw materials.

Ceramic tile pollution mainly comes from chemical elements in ceramic tile raw materials, such as γ and β rays produced by the decay of radium and thorium. The penetrating power of γ-ray is very strong, it will penetrate the human body and collide with the cells in the body, it will destroy the lymphocytes of the human body, thereby reducing the human immunity. Beta rays have a short range and have a greater impact on children, but because their penetrating power is relatively weak, a book can block its penetrating power.

Isn't it scary? So what should we pay attention to regarding tile pollution?

1. Do not use tiles in children's rooms. Because the density of radon is relatively high, it is generally suspended below one meter from the ground indoors. The lower the concentration of radon, the greater the concentration of radon. Therefore, children’s rooms should not be tiled as much as possible. At the same time, because the height of the bed is generally low, people lying on the bed are just within the strong radiation range of radon, we can open more windows every day to circulate the air and keep it fresh, which can also reduce the radiation of the tiles to the human body.

2. Do not use strong acid cleaning agents. Do not use strong acid cleaning agents when cleaning tiles. This will cause accelerated aging and surface pulverization of the tiles, which will increase the probability of the human body inhaling tile powder and endanger human health. However, the radioactivity of the tiles will not be caused by the chemicals produced by the cleaner. The reaction increased. Among all the ceramic tiles, the ultra-white tiles in the polished tiles have stronger radiation, and the radioactive element radon on the surface of the colorful glazed tiles is higher than that of ordinary tiles.

3. It is best to choose matte tiles. Because radioactive materials are colorless and odorless, if there is no special instrument for measurement, people cannot directly distinguish which tiles will exceed the standard in daily life. Therefore, try not to decorate the room with tiles when decorating. If you want to choose bricks, it is best to choose matt bricks. If you use polished bricks, try to turn on small lights in your home, and try to avoid direct light or reflections that affect your eyes.

4. Pay attention when purchasing. Glaze crack resistance and strength. Good quality tiles have low water absorption. Consumers can place water droplets on the back of the tiles to observe the degree of diffusion during selection. It is better to absorb water slowly. Whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness on the surface of the tiles. When purchasing, you can tap the tiles to hear whether the sound is crisp. The crisper the sound, the higher the texture density and the better hardness of the tile. You can also scratch the surface of the tile with a hard object. If scratches appear, it means insufficient glazing. Compare the color difference. If the tiles have obvious color difference, the decoration effect will be affected. Due to the large number of tiles purchased, it is necessary to sample and compare the products to observe the changes in color difference. Generally, those with large color differences cannot be used.

Ceramic tiles are a good material for decorating the floor and walls of houses. There are many users who buy ceramic tiles to decorate houses. They not only have good paving treatment effects, but also are easy to clean. However, due to the long-term use of ceramic tiles, cleaning and maintenance are required. How to clean and maintain the ceramic porcelain floor tiles?

Tile maintenance and cleaning

1. Daily cleaning. In daily life, to clean the tiles from time to time, the user can directly scrub with clean water, or they can choose to use soap and ammonia or an equal amount of linseed oil and turpentine to clean, so that the scrubbed tiles are very shiny.

2. Clean in time. If you find stains on the tiles in the living room, you must clean them up in time, otherwise the stains will not be easy to clean off, especially some stains will not be cleaned after they are dried, which not only affects the appearance of the tiles, but also affects the appearance of the entire floor. Therefore, once soiled, it should be cleaned with a neutral detergent as soon as possible.

3. Gap treatment. Since there will be some bacteria and dirt in the cracks of the tiles, you must pay attention to it when cleaning and sanitation. Do not leave some garbage, stains and bacteria in the room to affect the indoor air. The user can use a brush with a water-repellent agent in the gap, which can play a role in waterproof and mildew-proof, and prevent excessive adhesion of stains and bacteria.

How to clean and maintain modern floor tiles is introduced here. If you want to learn more about tile maintenance, you can pay attention to Overland Ceramics.

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