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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-14
Have the owners friend asked the website message area, with stone or river sand stick floor tile? Why must stick wall brick with river sand? Please see below this content, such as small make up answers one by one for you. ( Ceramic tile powder) Floor tile with stone powder, sticky wall brick with river sand for the following reasons: 1, from the aspects of the process and requirement of consideration, 1) Wall brick cement mortar is generally only a thin layer of powder particles larger cannot meet this requirement, and to stick floor tile cement mortar 5 centimeters of above commonly, there is no this problem, so the brick wall with a fine, to stick floor tile can use powder; ( 2) Due to stick wall brick is only a thin layer of cement mortar, cohesive force must be stronger, can stick on the wall, otherwise, will be easy to fall, the formation of quality problems, fine sand, sand and the sand between the spacing is small, easy to be filled with cement, smaller particles and therefore will be save cement, but nothing can be a combination of both pore, thus ensuring the wall and the bonded area of the tile will not appear pore or rarely appear, so as to realize the wall and brick into an organic whole, as long as the cement strength is strong enough, the adhesive must be strong; ( 3) Can't stick on the ground, floor tile, drop of potential problems and stick floor tile, is first put more than 5 cm thickness of stone powder and cement mixture evenly leveling the ground, material consumption, on the ground, it is easy to close-grained, cement and stone powder as long as has the appropriate cohesive force, can satisfy the use requirement, floor tile is plastered on the leveling layer, will put the brick wet water before to stick floor tile, then stuck just the cement slurry, is posted on the above, this is to ensure the combination of the tile and cement, powder mixture solid degrees. 2 economic into consideration, 1) General a lot cheaper than the river sand stone powder, paste dosage of floor tile, stone powder, economic and convenient use. ( 2) Note: general water slurry wall tile, cement mortar, not only the wall roughness is poor, have the leveling layer, with cement mortar. So please friends is that clear? Must know to construction or it will be a big problem, want to learn more knowledge about home outfit, welcome to visit our website, we will offer you the friend continuously updated solutions. ( Ceramic tile powder)
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