Ceramic tile practical skills

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-04
A: look at the color and roughness. In general, the color of ceramic tile the clearer, the better, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy accumulation of stolen goods. 2 hear: through strikes to hear the sound distinguishes the density, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density and hardness, good quality. Three sensors: field measurement. With a ruler or tape measure, ceramic tile edges and diagonal, check the size. Four blow: from the trace to see quality. Check the surface quality of ceramic tile, can scratch the glazed ceramic tile with good thing to determine the surface hardness of ceramic tile. Try five: see ceramic tile is bibulous rate. Generally speaking, ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also suit the space with higher humidity or moisture content ( Such as toilet, kitchen) And won't produce the problem such as shading. And inspection methods of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is to pour water on the back of ceramic tile, slow penetration even not porous ceramic tile quality is better, the opposite is bad.
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