Ceramic tile quality identification

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-29
The stand or fall of ceramic tile first of all, is the same size, different price of ceramic tile is really very different, different size ceramic tile often leads to come when tile size seam, this case suggest the seam, when 2 mm to make a beautiful seam sewn onto is a basic look not to come out, of course also be test craft workers, ( To highlight, sure you want to do when the seam must buy cross card, 2 mm to the best effect) 2 in the second place, buy ceramic tile when light illumination can be observed, many ceramic tile shop will adopt the way of leaning + lamp irradiation to furnish samples, then can use lamplight illuminate judged in the light on the tile glaze, if seen from ceramic tile glaze above bent tubes, large deformation, so you can be sure the glazed ceramic tile flatness there is a big problem, the opposite is more smooth. The bending degree of sample that you see two or three ceramic tile shop, and then look at the price you know to what extent of deformation is good, to what extent is the stand or fall of poor 3 third point, which is material problem, now a lot of style of ceramic tile, appear on the market before polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles, connect body tile, diamond, etc. , much more special hush head, ( Individuals taking customers see so many tiles summed up the experience of point of view, the first reason is important, but if it is to buy ceramic tile, remember not to show you love, or you will be eating,,,,) This seriously gap is not going to get back to business, the material is too large, the back of tile main under the glaze the above a lot of work now, more and more transparent, not like before the ceramic tile that it was false, the ceramic tile of now increasingly looked like marble, especially now that this chunk of the popular 1200 * 600 ceramic tile, pretend bility is becoming more and more high. END note there question is ceramic tile ceramic tile hardness at the grass-roots level, the price in the be clear at a glance, I stopped to detail the master these skills can go on the market after the ceramic tile of choose to high cost performance
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