Ceramic tile renovation paint

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-02
Household is decorated in, ceramic tile is the use of bai frequency is very high, use effect also is very good kind of decorate material to du. Because ceramic tile is not only to decorate a room zhi, the role of metope, floor to make it looks more clean and tidy, because of its good and pollution-free waterproof effect and was welcomed by all the owners. Gordon refresh - Waterproof paint the walls and the ceramic tile seam old house renovation but even, also has not been spared from the years of erosion, a long period of time, ceramic tile problems such as discoloration or damage will occur. Waterproof effect and sell at a discount greatly not only, more from beautiful degree of impact on the owner's eyes. If dismantle all ceramic tile, all in the new, it would be a huge and not necessary engineering, in general, ceramic tile can become old, but as long as it's not particularly big damage to function almost unaffected. Here, many of the owners have a question, since the old tile renovation is mainly to improve its beautiful degrees, so if paint directly on the old ceramic tile is ok? Actually, that is, the old ceramic tile on the question of whether or not to paint can be directly. Gordon refresh - Waterproof paint the walls and the seam problem of old house renovation of the answer is yes, the old paint can be directly on the ceramic tile, depending on the type of ceramic tile, material is qualitative different, so, in view of the different materials of ceramic tile adhesive force is not strong glazed tile, polished tile, although some relatively difficult construction surface, but is still can brush paint Gordon directly; And textured tile with much better adhesion, use Gordon paint is more simple. Gordon refresh - Waterproof paint the walls and the seam old house renovation but overall, although paint directly on the ceramic tile is very convenient, in the end, after all, like & other; Cosmetic & throughout; , so, if you want to make their house has a real change in deep decorate a style, or need to take the trouble to all change new old ceramic tile.
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