Ceramic tile seam beauty how many money a square meters

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-02
Although now decorate material to a variety of designs, ceramic tile is still popular, and so many friends have a lot of questions about ceramic tile seam beauty, beauty is ceramic tile seam a how many money a square? The seam can't construction itself? The seam decorate is also very deep water, hurriedly follow small make up together, learning together. How much is a beauty, ceramic tile seam a square? Ceramic tile is essential to a beautiful seam an agent + epoxy resin curing agent + pigment composition. The seam an agent high hardness when dry, of course, also is flexible, don't worry about the heat bilges cold shrink of ceramic tile. Waterproof, mouldproof, anti-fouling are very good. Price: decorating beauty ceramic tile seam an agent materials itself is not expensive, labor is generally more expensive, general big brick material and artificial estimate to $20 - 35 yuan a square, if it is a small size of the brick, brick complex, labor and materials can even reach hundreds of square, Mosaic is more expensive. This has something to do with local labor, of course. How much is the square ceramic tile seam beauty? The seam can't construction itself? How much is the square ceramic tile seam beauty? The seam can't construction itself? Second, the beauty can oneself construction seam? Listen to a n experienced person experience 1. Yourself to save money @ that year, summer: 10 * 10 small yellow brick is rhythm, ok I use 300 * 600 of small white brick, was a wit. of the sitting room 800 * 150 imitation wood grain tile, finish my hand all the residual, holding the gun strength is gone, but the effect is quite satisfactory. @ ite: big brick yourself no problem, my family is full of small tile, archaize tile, leave 3 mm seam, special material, my home zhuo the best beautiful seam an agent of epoxy resin, high optical materials with more than 3000 dollars! But I feel very value, because it is archaize brick is not no effect, by the way, the ground is cut into the floor width h wood grain brick, also with the beautiful seam an agent! 2. Yourself too tired, technology also is bad, let workers do @ Man. 。 : online shopping back yourself, and my husband made a side wall, the kitchen immediately throw away all the seam an agent, contact the teacher to do, the money is not the last spent $2800, a party to do, or do two days ago. @ CaiHJ: himself the owner of the seam said: don't own the seam! ! ! Actually, my house has three bedrooms do the beauty of the seam, the others are all please people do, the second lie to do the tatami, so exposed to the ground of the very few, so, two people still STH over and over again for several days! Small WanEr @ my house is made of my own, the seam falling down a lot. I'm going to live before finish on the part of the furniture appear to do it. @ Mary have a new house after their first hand at the old house, as a result of the brick scratching, cleaning up the seam when some had disconnected, ceramic tile is destroyed, than before more ugly, also tired, waist and leg pain. Bridal chamber slit width is also decisive please people, two workers, one product is obvious dents. The seam is tricky. How much is the square ceramic tile seam beauty? The seam can't construction itself? How much is the square ceramic tile seam beauty? The seam can't construction itself? Small make up summary: the seam at home if I want to use porcelain seam an agent, and want to save budget, also can do, but suggest hand remnants or not to try, do more harm than good. Generally the seam in 20 yuan - artificial add material Around 30 yuan per square meter, also need not to buy too expensive beauty seam an agent, practical and beautiful can yo. The method of making the ambry of ceramic tile house condole top general how many money what folding door material is bath crock faults
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