Ceramic tile seam how to fill out

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-03
Ceramic tile, bai in the family is decorated in has always been a very important aspect of du, is not only the proportion of zhi costs account for a lot of, the dao at the same time, also is the contact in daily life at home most of the building materials product, so the quality of ceramic tile, construction is very important whether in accordance with the specification requirements. Ceramic tile is also involved in the comparison, mainly discuss some of the gap between ceramic tile with everybody here how to deal with the problem. Mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the size of the seam problem, the second is the problem of jointing. Below is from the two aspects to introduce shop sticks ceramic tile aperture processing way. A, 1 seam and seamless shop sticks ceramic tile can't reasons: 1) Ceramic tile is error, as you know, any products during production may be not size, weight and so on is completely the same, as long as it is in line with the relevant standards, we can call it the error, for ceramic tile, the same batches of the same type of products, are likely to have the length, straight Angle, side straight degree deviation etc. , no error of ceramic tile is not exist. 2) Construction workers also exist error in the process of construction, in addition to non-standard construction method, how many there are some errors in the collage. The most important thing is: there is any object heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile is no exception. Gap is too small, result in ceramic tile responses to environmental variation, due to the changes of temperature, can make the ceramic tile crowded broken, reduce the normal service life of ceramic tile. 2, the commonly used ceramic tile seam is suggested that 1) Seamless brick wall brick, polishing brick, when the shop is stuck, the size of the seam in general should be 1 - 1. Around 5 mm, not less than 1 mm, can be as reference to pneumatic nail toothpick. 2) Archaize brick seam is a bit wide, usually 3 - 5mm。 3) The outer wall of the balcony cultural tile seam is 5 mm or so commonly. Second, the jointing 1) Jointing materials are now commonly used jointing material mainly used by cement, jointing agent, putty powder, etc. These materials, putty powder, white cement is the traditional use of materials, now as the jointing material mainly cultural brick use more some of the balcony, such as the shop is stuck on brick many use of ordinary cement mortar can be directly. Putty powder, white cement waterproof performance, scrub resistance is less, now, in the process of the family is decorated, in hutch defends the wall of the ground, the sitting room is generally not used in the ceramic tile of the ground pointing, now basically choose professional ceramic tile seam filling agent ( Also known as the jointing agent) 。 2) Jointing agent type and select jointing agent now on the market the main points with and without sand sand, in general, the shop is stuck light wall brick and bo changes a brick is suitable for use with no sand, the shop is stuck inferior smooth tile, and archaize floor tile is suitable for use with sand. Jointing agent there are two ways to get the color choices, one is close to the method, selection and close to the color of ceramic tile jointing agent, the second is the contrast method, color and ceramic tile color form a strong contrast. 3) The timing of the jointing to the general jointing chosen time in 24 hours after the tile, ceramic tile namely after dry solid, pointing time too early, will affect the ceramic tile, rugged loose or fall off. In addition, before jointing, need to ceramic tile aperture debris to clean up the inside of the dust.
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