Ceramic tile shop is stuck diamond paste

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-30
Has the owner friends asked small make up the web, ceramic tile stick method has several? What's the method and the diamond floor tile shop sticks? Let's get together to discuss the current content. ( Ceramic tile diamond paste) The ceramic tile shop sticks method basically has the following kinds: 1, the i-section floor brick i-section method to simulate the shop of wooden floor way, more wood used to copy a few species such as ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile. The shop is stuck method effect on formation of i-section strewn at random have send, produce strewn at random, on the vision not too drab, at the same time, also create a solemn atmosphere, composed of heavy effect. 2, combined the shop is stuck different size, style and color of ceramic tile, according to certain combinations of the shop is stuck. The shop is stuck method suitable for European style and rustic style, the shop is stuck way more abundant. Usually can use the color is a little deeper than the shop main ceramic tile, marble or ceramic tile on the ground around at the surrounding edge of about 15 cm, the shop is stuck effect to make people feel material more sophisticated, and more able to foil a space atmosphere. 3, lozenge inclined shop diamond wall brick ( Wall brick is generally square) , relative invariable wall brick wall method, stick after the completion of the surface, relatively more show atmosphere, grade, in recent years of European and American family is decorated in a trend of rising year by year. This some areas use diamond shop is stuck, the general is the absence of the window or door, metope construction and finished surface effect are relatively simple and more easily. For wall with a window, if also adopt the method of diamond shop is stuck, generally beginning with window for the wall tile, on both sides to stick, one side of the brick may be used for the shop is stuck at the beginning, and the other side of the window, Whether it's side or top side) Size is not so often happens, usually can't be just the beginning is also the whole tile, wall brick with some of water chestnut position may size is very small, cutting and paving work is extremely difficult, unless it is a coincidence or strictly before open the window hole size is accurate. Such construction, the workers craft requirement is quite high, is also work, is not only for a bricklayer's pour inside high requirement of technology and the shop is stuck, you also need to adjust the gap before the tile accept dry, avoid serious uneven. Sometimes, adhere to the clients need to be adopted in metope USES the diamond with the window when the shop is stuck, we will also suggest a circle USES marble line in the window closed, thus avoiding window tile inside waste material, waste, and many other ills. More often, it is recommended that customers give up in the window side wall using diamond brick wall brick, metope USES diamond shop is stuck to ornament, other entities and at the side of the window or choose is the traditional method, this one imported Italian wall tile after the completion of the metope is very brilliant, low-key costly, also avoid the window side wall use diamond shop is stuck, saves the wall brick material, also save a lot of artificial cost, at the same time, also avoids to gather the diamond shop sticks left a lot of burrs on the window wall MianYang Angle ( Cut wall brick, is not the original edge, and an internal Angle) 。 Above is related to several kinds of common ceramic tile shop sticks method introduction, have the interest of the owners friends hope this content can give some reference to you, or which friend have more experience different ways to shop is stuck to welcome to our website message to share. ( Ceramic tile diamond paste)
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