Ceramic tile shop is stuck is more important than the choose and buy, learn the 5 points to teach you how to check and accept more professional

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-11
The importance of ceramic tile shop is stuck not lower than the importance of the ceramic tile of choose and buy. As tile specification more and more big, even if just one piece of waste costs caused by the shop is stuck not qualified, much higher than ever before. There are, of course, some owners heart is bigger, acceptance is not carefully, think about ok to go, this mindset is more desirable. After all, a family to decorate a family need long-term living space, don't spend a lot of time and thought the ceramic tile of choose and buy, finally left hidden trouble for acceptance didn't pay attention to. But most of the owners for the shop is stuck not learn the professional knowledge of ceramic tile, usually by the naked eye, can only see the surface of the decorative effect and smoothness appearance. So what is the simple, easy-to-use, can easily find the problem of ceramic tile shop sticks? In fact, pay attention to the following 5 points can be safety when acceptance from the pit: first of all, the surface. Ceramic tile shop is stuck firm, there is no lack of cracking, not oblique. And no obvious surface scratch, scratch, stain, color harmony, the ceramic tile of adjacent color difference is not too big, patterns of stitching is reasonable. The second point, the flatness. Ceramic tile shop sticks if use the leveling instrument, general question is not big. However, in order to further ensure that there is no problem, it is better to use or vertical detection measurement by ruler flatness and adjacent elevation difference, usually error in 2 mm and 0, respectively. Within 5 mm. The third point, see the seams. If have ruled out the specifications of the problem of ceramic tile itself, the shop is stuck is improper is likely to be the main cause of ceramic tile juncture is not straight. Check, can use steel ruler, as long as the error is not more than 2 mm is no problem. Fourth, the Angle of Yin and Yang. Unless deviation is large, with the naked eye is not good judgement of Yin and Yang Angle is straight. So, can use professional measuring instrument or square. The importance of Yin and Yang Angle of the shop is stuck straight, mainly reflected in the later, if want to install right shelf, cabinet, etc. More beautiful. Fifth, listen to the voice. Tap ceramic tile to listen to the voice, judge whether the empty drum, pay particular attention to beat & other; Worst-hit areas throughout the &; , that is, the fringes of ceramic tile. Under normal circumstances, the sound should compare frowsty, a sink. Free, of course, if only a few drums and empty drum rate less than 15%, there wasn't much problem. In addition to the above five, of course, can also focus on whether ceramic tile cutting when acceptance of tidy uniform, see the kitchen, balcony ground slope drainage is reasonable, check whether the tiling, lumbar line brick is in place, and so on. For ceramic tile shop is stuck not qualified, and construction of the teacher timely communication to solve, bear in mind that carelessness.
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