Ceramic tile shop sticks

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-25
Now a lot of friends for household ground adornment are seriously, and floor tile as every day we contact with the ground of the decoration is particularly important. Of course, we also want to understand how the shop is stuck, here we introduce ceramic tile shop sticks. A shop, horizontal or vertical laying a place: parallel to the wall in a way that the shop is stuck. seam alignment and leave no seam, at the same time with the brick color close to tick off seam jointing agent processing, look fresh and clean. Type: usually choose polishing brick, suitable for contemporary and contracted style. Tip: the ceramic tile of rectangular cross shop shop or vertical, can make the space appears capacious. Second, modular brick laying points: different size, style and color of ceramic tile, according to certain combinations of the shop is stuck. Type: suitable for European style and rustic style, the shop is stuck way more abundant. Usually can use the color is a little deeper than the shop main ceramic tile, marble or ceramic tile on the ground around at the surrounding edge of about 15 cm, the shop is stuck effect to make people feel material more sophisticated, and more able to foil a space atmosphere. Tip: modular brick products and wave lineup, spelling a flower, etc. Wave lineup generally use brunet ceramic tile, the wave form a complete set of archaize brick also have special line, mainly used in the ground around or porch corridor, etc. Ground yarn, Angle and so on is made by a ceramic tile ground adornment, mainly used in the hallway, tea table, or under the table. Three, the key points of i-section brick laying: i-section paving method to simulate the shop of wooden floor way, more wood used to copy a few species such as ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile. Suitable types: i-section strewn at random have send, produce strewn at random, on the vision not too drab, at the same time also create a solemn atmosphere, composed of heavy effect. Tip: i-shaped brick method can weaken the long and narrow space gives a person the most depressive feeling, suitable for use in the corridor, kitchen or bathroom. Four, lozenge inclined shop is suitable for small ornament laid the point: with the wall 45 degrees Angle of brick shop is stuck, relatively fee brick work this way. Archaize brick inclined shop when had better leave seam width, seam is between 3 ~ 8 mm, can reflect the feeling of primitive simplicity of the brick. Can choose and close to the color of your brick pointing agent, can also choose to have a contrast of jointing agent processing, brick joints of geometry, make integral effect is more bright and the unification, can bring space stereo sense is very strong. Suitable types: archaize brick is the most commonly used method of a 45-degree Angle of inclined shop, suitable for European and Chinese style style, also apply to contemporary and contracted style, originally square brick on the vision becomes a diamond, not be too inflexible, effect of inclined shop also more atmosphere. Tip: bedroom specifications smaller square inclined shop ceramic tile, suitable for use in a small area of local ornament, because of the large area is used to a person the sense of trivial, also not too easy for you to clean. Five, chevron, irregular brick laying a place: the adjacent two pieces of rectangular tiles according to the 45 degree Angle of the shop is stuck, with one side when the shop is stuck on just another piece of the long side of the middle, as a man as the shape of the word. Or use the Mosaic, pebble is paved with irregular shape, etc. Type: herringbone brick is a relatively new way of the shop is stuck, contemporary and contracted style is suitable for personalized home. Tip: herringbone tile doesn't fit in the living room and bedroom large area of the shop is stuck. Also, with Mosaic, pebble Mosaic cement floor and its changeful colour and modelling, can only be used for local ornament, so often used in the balcony or corridor and other small area of the shop is stuck. Ceramic tile shop sticks requirement is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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