Ceramic tile shop sticks way and dosage, home decoration in the mind more

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-01
Decorate in the family as a whole style of the shape, the ceramic tile that decorates material played a vital role. At the same time, also more and more widely used in ceramic tile decorated in the family, both ground and metope ceramic tile ceramic tile, or different function space such as sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, can be used flexibly to match the shop is stuck. Because of this, shop sticks ceramic tile has become the most important part of home decoration process. So, what are the considerations for shop sticks ceramic tile, what are the main way of the shop is stuck, how to calculate the amount of ceramic tile use when the shop is stuck, how to calculate the loss amount of ceramic tile? Ceramic tile shop sticks way at present, more and more the owner hope your home can be more personal, stand out. This is why custom household has become more and more popular. In ceramic tile is tie-in, in addition to develop more colors style to undertake collocation, can also through the different ways of ceramic tile brick design and to decorate the effect of diversification. At present, the mainstream way of ceramic tile brick shop including horizontal and vertical, diamond shop is stuck, h the shop is stuck, and combined the shop is stuck. Dosage of ceramic tile shop is stuck in some shop owners don't know how to calculate the use of ceramic tile. In fact, the dosage of tile shop sticks can be according to the different way of the shop is stuck, door model to calculate the size. According to the way of the shop is stuck, horizontal spread and the ceramic tile of vertical spread loss quantity is small, set aside one or two ceramic tile commonly used to loss. And the diamond shop is stuck and h brick, ceramic tile construction difficulty bigger wastage, attrition rate reached 10% The ceramic tile of more than 15%, need to prepare more as a loss. According to the model size, the dosage of the ceramic tile of simple calculation, is to measure the size of whole space first, and then divided by the area size of monolithic ceramic tile. It is important to note that if there is a decimal point calculated, will prepare a piece of ceramic tile more, cannot use the rounding method. In addition, the home decorates need shop sticks ceramic tile waist line, line that play a base, and sideline, dosage of this part of the ceramic tile can be calculated by length, in addition to prepare a couple of the tiles can be used to loss. Ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, will directly affect the overall domestic space decoration effect. And dosage of ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, it will affect the whole decorate a budget control. Therefore, before the ceramic tile of choose and buy, will be planned in advance and dosage of the ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, do know, on-demand purchase. When necessary, can make decoration contractor's or ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile stores provided the construction drawings, and the choose and buy is more obvious when the shop is stuck, can effectively reduce waste.
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