Ceramic tile stick well, doing their owners please pay attention to the seam

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-13
As ceramic tile more and more into the more family, is widely applied to household space decoration applications. Ceramic tile seam beauty that specializes in ceramic tile shop sticks a special process, also be the owner of more and more knowledge and understanding. Ceramic tile seam beauty looks simple, as if just take caulking agent of ceramic tile aperture fill in. This also caused a lot of owner's misunderstanding, some owners in order to save cost himself, his fill. It looks simple, however, is not easy to do. After part owner personally experience, have met a lot of problems. So, what is the ceramic tile seam beauty of the correct operation? What are the considerations in the sewing process? Today we thoroughly grilled steak a ceramic tile to the sewing process. First of all, to master the best operation time beauty good ceramic tile seam. Beauty usually ceramic tile seam in brick construction completion can be after a week or two. This paragraph of time is the best time to beauty of ceramic tile seam, because on the one hand, ceramic tile adhesive is used in the shop is stuck, and ceramic tile tightly together, without fear of damage of ceramic tile adhesive, cause late phenomenon such as cracking, empty drum; Home furniture at this time, on the other hand, soft outfit product, has not yet been installed, wall ground temporarily won't have shelter, more convenient for ceramic tile seam beauty, is more suitable for the seam place after the completion of the solidification of maintenance. Therefore, the ceramic tile need to grasp the best time of the seam. Second, before the beauty of ceramic tile seam, must want to health of ceramic tile aperture is thoroughly clean. In fact, the ceramic tile seam beauty is to fill the gaps between the adjacent tiles beautification. If there is dirt of ceramic tile aperture, overflow to the cement mortar, for example, is likely to lead to the ceramic tile seam an agent uneven filling, cracking and other problems. Beauty and ceramic tile seam a best time and compare clean-up the right time. Because this paragraph of time and ceramic tile adhesive bonding strength just right, it's easy to clean up the dirt in the ceramic tile aperture, if time is too long, crevice stain is not easy to clean, will affect the operation and effect of ceramic tile seam beauty. Finally, the ceramic tile seam when need to pay attention to the seam depth and surface treatment. Although the seam shallow some ceramic tile, the seam an agent with less, construction will be more simple. In addition, some owners also will be after the finish ceramic tile seam, seam pressure processing, the surface pressure the pressure, the United States joint place will be lower. However, in order to guarantee the effect, it is suggested that the depth of the ceramic tile seam beauty, as far as possible consistent with the thickness of the ceramic tile and brick, more beautiful, is not easy to accumulate dust dirt.
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