Ceramic tile stick window which need to be paid attention to

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-28
Many friends now in decorating a window of the time like to use ceramic tile, and now the use of ceramic tile on the floor tile and wall tile not only effective, decorate in the place such as the window of time also have good play, small make up to make a brief introduction of ceramic tile to stick in current window sill have what advantage, I hope it can help you! ( Ceramic tile stick window) Ceramic tile stick window sill have what advantage? 1. Ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, it is only 0. Less than 08%, only for the European standard and natural stone material - 1/30 1/5, all the year round, no discoloration, trace always like new, so it is very good choice on the windowsill. 2. Ceramic tile is the high temperature burn becomes high wear resistant system, mo type hardness of 8, wear resistance for & lt; 150 mm3, wear-resisting degree for ceramic tile. 3. Uniform size using computerized production and inspection equipment, strict quality management, uniform size flat, easy construction, decorate windowsill is also more easy. 4. Acid in the process of industrialization, the most serious acid rain, has become the main cause of industrial pollution of the environment, by high temperature firing porcelain tile, acid and alkali resistance, no stains, easy to clean. So favored by the city in the north. 5. Ceramic tile is no radiation select advanced ceramic tile material, no radiation, break the human use of natural stone material must be exposed to radiation and the absorption of radon gas, affect the physical and mental health of fate, to create zero harm the natural space, is the safety of the landmark building materials. 6. Zero pollution USES natural stone material, green environmental protection no pollution, more strict control of production process, to achieve zero pollution to the environment. So why now people decorate windowsill likes to use ceramic tile, the reason is obvious. That is all there is in this issue about ceramic tile to decorate windowsill, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile decoration related content, welcome to continue to focus on our Europe god's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Ceramic tile stick window)
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