Ceramic tile style classification

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-13
Fashion and lively porcelain glazed tile has been a traditional products on the market, the ceramic tile in the impact of fashion trends continue, originally is given priority to with white, cream-colored or dotted with glazed tiles of simple lines began to upgrade from the face. Tonal and lively fashion and contracted in the market of porcelain glazed pottery, metals, and the metallic glaze ceramic tile has replaced the traditional glazed pottery, present a different decoration style. Natural, of primitive simplicity, or bold, or elegant, or restore ancient ways, different style, genre of glazed pottery, leading the household adornment of different popular styles, so favored by many young people. Used in: living room, bathroom, kitchen. Restoring ancient ways is popular compared with the traditional ceramic tile, archaize brick is undoubtedly the fight a horse on the market & quot; Black & quot; , become tile different styles on the market of floor products. Reporter in the palace integrated home building materials market, such as under the influence of domestic outfit style restoring ancient ways, since last year metal glaze sheepskin in the brick is archaize ceramic tile products sell like hot cakes. The archaize brick of sheepskin with metal glaze nobility is elegant, both have sheepskin soft and delicate, lay on the ground without the traditional ceramic tile is the feeling of cold, dark, gloomy color restoring ancient ways, create a than the previous classical atmosphere. Many buy large family and the villa owners like choice archaize ceramic tile shop in the hallway, living room area, show master life grade. Big tile in power in addition to the upgrading of glazed tile and the meteoric rise of archaize ceramic tile, technology innovation of polishing tile tile market in xian is one of the mainstream products. In the case of each manufacturer competing technology continuously, the quality of a material of polishing brick is more and more close to the stone material, a lot of polishing brick is connected fully, both the quality of the jade stone texture. In addition, the roughness of ceramic tile, soil resistance, skid resistance, wear resistance, bibulous rate, such as quality indicators, has been achieved new breakthroughs. In terms of specifications, the polishing brick because of large area has extended the space effect and is very popular, and in terms of color, light color series, white, cream-colored is still a popular style.
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