Ceramic tile such collocation, can foil more luxurious atmosphere of Europe type style

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-12
European-style luxury decoration style heavy and complicated, pay attention to details and grade, showily beautiful, fine high-end atmosphere, won the favour of many home owners. Europe type style, then, has the characteristic which, when decorating, ceramic tile should be how to match design, how to choose more enhance the level of appearance? Today, we look at together. Before Europe type style to decorate characteristics of ceramic tile of choose and buy, had better to understand the characteristics of Europe type style, make overall planning and design of the space, in the actual selection wouldn't aimlessly when buying, can be more targeted and more targeted. Europe type style, then, have the characteristics of what? Many owners have misconceptions about Europe type style, think of Europe type style is very costly, and extremely complex. Europe type style, however, in addition to high-end luxury, more important is to highlight the cultural taste and romantic household. It when decorate very exquisite detail, the pursuit of delicate and elegant; Therefore, if decorate a design does not reach the designated position is easy to give a person with sense of local tyrants. And ceramic tile is to lay the tone and the impression of Europe type style, will be half of carelessness. Ceramic tile of Europe type style is tie-in, then, specific to the ceramic tile in the application of Europe type style design, what are the requirements and matters needing attention? First of all, from the point of different size, Europe type style is more suitable for 800 & times; More than 800 ㎜ large size ceramic tile. Because of Europe type style is more suitable for large family, if the area of the house is not spacious, it is hard to embody the Europe type style of grand, and easy to let a person produce depressive feeling. Large size ceramic tile can show the characteristics of large family of Europe type style, further outspread space, big space, landscape. Second, from the point of view, pattern of design and color of ceramic tile, whether it is a dark or light color fastens ceramic tile ceramic tile can have nowhere to go. Ceramic tile is brunet department is composed, heavy for European classical style; Ceramic tile is natural and pure and fresh, light color fastens is suitable for European pastoral style and European style. In a word, must pay attention to integral space colour collocation when matching harmony. In addition, from the point of different family room, the sitting room of Europe type style ceramic tile is suitable for use the ceramic tile of grain of imitation stone, both decorative effect and practicability; Natural wood grain brick bedroom commonly used ceramic tile texture. And need to wear antiskid ground ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of metope ceramic tile can match with restoring ancient ways design, adornment sex is stronger. In the decoration, the home installs the owners pay more and more attention to the unity of the whole household style. Europe type style for quite a long time, has been occupied the mainstream of domestic high-end decorating in market. The above technique is about the ceramic tile of Europe type style is tie-in, like the Europe type style the owners get away!
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