Ceramic tile system beautification scheme

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-03
Ceramic tile yourself beautiful stitch is the ceramic tile of a highly efficient system which emerged in recent years beautification scheme, each big beauty every year ( Porcelain) Seam an agent manufacturers are millions or even tens of millions of products to the market, market demand large, highly esteemed. Most of these products are consumed by the professional team of his beautiful seam, for the beauty of all kinds of residential and commercial space projects. Part of products by dealers by the end user to buy directly, so the key to that part of the owner's friend bought his beautiful sew beautiful seam an agent, can't sew us to do? As dealers said the methods that have to do is just a dozen? To tell you the truth: the vast majority of dealers is not understand the construction joints. Few words said, here I will teach you the detailed process, have the time, patient's friend can do it. First, want to make good your beautiful seam, want to grab from the laying of ceramic tile, suggest tile paving master in 2 & ndash; 3 mm cross positioning seam, and strive to uniform level off, do not stay by the amount of cement. As long as strictly according to the six to do process flow, certainly can do it. 1, clean up the tile seam, use tungsten steel cone slotted seam with art design knife to dig, do the minimum depth of more than 3 mm, the crack to dig again, don't miss, leave no dead Angle. 2, with high power vacuum cleaning to dig out the residue and ground fly ash cement. 3, unscrew the ( Porcelain) Seam an agent, install mixing tube, about 50 centimeters from abandoned, tile sewn is expected to achieve full uniform, no less. 4, stainless steel pressure seam ball joint, do not miss, no bag, no obvious summer-planting flat. 5, such as work fully cured with a shovel knife to clean up over the edge. ( Summer in about 3 hours, winter more than 10 hours or longer, depending on the specific temperature, fingernails, no sag advisable) 6, cleaned up the remaining material after cleaning for no curing, feeding you repeat the process. The seam looks simple, but if you want to do is, in fact, need a lot of patience and experience. Or that sentence: everyone can cook, can do the food? Most people would drive, can drive the bus? Some friends bought a product but suffer from construction process is not correct, do not so good, really spent money, force, things haven't done, even give up, an example of this is.
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