Ceramic tile to distinguish good or bad

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-18
Of ceramic tile ceramic tile method to distinguish the good or bad, it is a more complex, so many times we have to find to decorate a company to solve the problem for us. In order to know more about the ceramic tile of toilet renderings of some of the details of the ceramic tile to distinguish good or bad, here is to arrange for you some information about ceramic tile of toilet is ceramic tile rendering to distinguish good or bad. Ceramic tile method to distinguish good or bad, by hitting ceramic tile, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of ceramic tile wall brick or small size ceramic tile is usually with one hand five fingers apart, lift ceramic tile, another hand on ceramic tile face, if the sound of a metallic simple sense, the quality of ceramic tile is good, if not the voice of the metallic ceramic tile of poor quality. Ok, it is a phase modulation components, ceramic tile of handle, for the same specification product, the thickness of the same product, good quality, high density of tile feel quite heavy, on the other hand, the quality of products to be feel lighter. Show the stand or fall of ceramic tile and there is no direct relationship to the thickness of ceramic tile, main is to look at the density of ceramic tile. Basically be to see whether there are black spots on the surface of the ceramic tile, air bubble, pinhole, cracks, scratches, spots or not, surface defects such as lack of edge, missing Angle! Defects of the quality of the brick is relatively poor. Test, mainly to prevent slippery floor tile, floor tile, for material consists of vitrified and glaze of the two, to now prevent slippery ceramic tile, now everybody's practice is water on the surface of the brick, and then in the above step on try, look to whether smooth, this kind of practice is not entirely appropriate, because some ceramic tile, especially bo changes a tile, then add water, you'll feel more involved, this principle is a little similar to between the glass with water, if you want to the glass to open, found that is difficult, because the water in the middle of the crowd out air, make bricks and shoe surface contact more closely, so feel more involved, and some of the bo changes a brick without adding water feels more slippery, to this, my personal advice is to add water and not let water two steps to try as well. Nobel is a leader in the field of tile, has the world's most advanced fully automatic production line: 1280 ℃ SITI, roller SACMI Italy wide-body furnaces, Italy SACMI high-energy press, Italian ROTOCOLOR, ROLLFEED, Kerajet digital jet printing, CMF, LB powder filling system, Italy Italy FERRARI embryo storage system, the FLOW of water cutting machine. 1 measurement test system, to as many as 45 tile testing, to ensure the quality of every piece of Nobel tile far exceeds the national standard and European standard. Champion tile is particularly attaches great importance to the green environmental protection since its inception, always adhere to the in & other; Green building materials, green plant, green technology & throughout; Environmental protection concept, the use of hot air recycling, electricity, energy saving, water recycling, brick material recycling and waste recovery rate is as high as 90% above; Promote energy conservation and carbon reduction of ceramic tile dry hanging method, obtains the national & other Green choice & throughout; , the symbol building materials tile world model set up green enterprise. In addition, Taiwan invested one hundred million yuan to establish the first green ceramic tile factory of tour - champion green concept pavilion, visit has exceeded 200000 people; Successful experience of Taiwan factory in mainland China: kunshan city, jiangsu province, shandong penglai, anhui suzhou set up three major professional green ceramic tile production base. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing information about ceramic tile of toilet is ceramic tile rendering to distinguish good or bad, want to be able to help you.
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