Ceramic tile to identify in which way

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-26
Decorate a house now, will shop sticks ceramic tile, and we will be in many businesses choose the ceramic tile, it is difficult, and the species diversity of ceramic tile, so people familiar with the needed help, teach everyone ceramic tile next to identify in what way? The first recruit: see when we go to buy ceramic tile, the first is to see ceramic tile, use eyes to see, to see what point? One to see whether it looks smooth, close to look at, impurities have bubbles appear, this is very critical, if see have bubbles, explain this kind of ceramic tile is poor quality, even if in the future will no longer service life, so be sure to choose a good ceramic tile. Finish see surface, then look at the perimeter of the cutting process, does not distort, is flat, there is no gap, broken. Second, we will see how the color of ceramic tile, isn't it more uniform exquisite decorative pattern, colour and lustre is bright. Third, we need to compare, have off color, sometimes a batch of goods, there may be a few defects, color difference obvious, how to compare the thickness, even at the same time can take up a few bricks together look, thickness is uniform. The second recruit: listen when we choose ceramic tile, tapping with the hand, always listen to it & other; Sound & throughout; How, is usually picked up a piece of ceramic tile, make it natural prolapse, gently with fingers on the part of ceramic tile, if the voice is clear, that is the material of ceramic tile is better, if the voice is thick and deep, then it is not very good, so I can try to knock on see, compare, we can easily choose to oh. Three recruit: DianDian this movement is also we usually do, buy fruits are habitual DianDian component, buy ceramic tile also is same, we want to compare the weigh in hand, with the same size specifications of the same category of ceramic tile, the weigh together, so you can distinguish weight, weight of ceramic tile is relatively good, that is enough, also is thick, use rise more practical. The fourth recruit: drop in the use of ceramic tile, would inevitably come into contact with water, so how we can measure the water absorption of ceramic tile. So, when the choose and buy, fall in ceramic tile the reverse side with water, see the absorbing water speed, water absorption, generally see, water is faster, that this kind of ceramic tile is not good, density is small, so the water quickly. Choose bibulous slower, dense ceramic tile! Five recruit: we're going to use measurement tape measure its length, width and thickness of ceramic tile is the same, if the size is accurate, so ceramic tile is good, the shop is stuck, the overall more beautiful, the effect is good. Also can save the use of material. Ceramic tile to identify which method is introduced to here, buy ceramic tile Suggestions to choose some famous brand, then compare their material, finally selected one, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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