Ceramic tile to stick a wall

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-29
Today's lesson is an old topic, also is the customer asked me more frequently, floor tile on the wall? Why sell brick and decorate a company to have suggested I use the floor tile on the wall! Is there a hole? I from three angles to look at the below. One, the floor tile on the wall come from? We usually say actually is a general designation of ceramic tile, in the industry, we called the spread on the ground tile floor tile or ceramic tile, called to the wall tile tile and tile ( Refers to the ceramics with printing design) 。 But no matter what, according to the national standard ( GB / T 4100 - 2015). We talked about before should be called a brick of pottery and porcelain, bibulous rate is the core indicator of brick of pottery and porcelain. GB/T 4100 - 2015 the table look good, need not deliberately to remember, because if you take this table nouns and businessman says, nobody can understand, but this table tells us bibulous rate is the index of 2015 standard are lower than those of previous & ndash; — Porcelain tiles for bibulous rate must not be greater than zero. 5%. Why are the important indicators of brick of pottery and porcelain is bibulous rate? Low water absorption, namely represents is not easy to bleeding, so the stain with water infiltration into the brick less likely. Both in wall brick and floor tile will inevitably and water contact, you think about your living room, bathroom, kitchen, this should be easy to understand. Low bibulous rate is not only a function of demand, or a copy! In recent years as the process of ascension, brick of pottery and porcelain in the imitation of marble. Why the imitation marble, very simple, natural marble has always been synonymous with tall, all kinds of decoration in the rendering is a marble figure. Natural marble is bibulous rate is in commonly 0. Below 45%, many even reaches 0. Below 2%, is produced in Dali in yunnan province is the most authentic 'marble'. Of course, natural marble from abroad, but this is not the subject of today, another day about alone. In fact, natural marble price expensive, high visibility, from the birth of ceramic tile that day, never stopped imitation marble steps. Understand the minions of ceramic tile is marble, this section also has the answer: the theme of the floor tile on the wall is actually learnt with marble. You can find from the various indoor decorate the beautiful marble or artificial marble. Marble decoration on behalf of the high-end and luxury. Here comes the way, not only is the ceramic tile imitation marble, now there are even painting is to imitate marble. Natural marble, of course, also want to divide class, the cheapest natural marble can also cheap to 200 / square, but it is not recommended to choose. Second, the advantages of the first floor tile on the wall tell a premise: today is mainly in toilet and kitchen wall floor tile, not including TV setting wall floor tile. If you are interested in, this point we can talk about another day. In general have a break for two floor tile on the wall, is across from the middle of the 800 * 800 or 600 * 600 floor tile is divided into two pieces, and then to the wall. This should be a rendering, because this is 600 * 600 * 600, 300 of the normal size can be seen from the above, similar to the visual effect of marble, no enough money to buy the natural marble, marble tiles is a good choice! Oh this section of the speaker is on the floor tile of wall of advantages: 1) Because floor tile bibulous rate is low, so not easy ooze color, is easy to do. 2) Because floor tile density is big, strong, even in the foundation sink, wall brick won't craze. 3) A large a large, beautiful wall. Three, the floor tile of wall defect? Advantages in addition to the third point I made at 3 o 'clock, but I remain neutral, the other two I vote no. Draw on the blackboard, there can be a key to the first: in the first advantage although ceramics bibulous rate is high, but it refers to the substrate of ceramic tile, not the surface, the surface is a layer of glaze, ceramic tile on the surface of the resistance to penetration and merchants actually recommend glazed ceramic tiles ( Floor tile) About the same. The differences are glazed, how many? In to see the second: basic after ceramic tile on the wall and wall be in harmony are an organic whole, if the foundation sinking result in the crack of the ceramic tile, the wall is likely will be a problem.
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