Ceramic tile type and the difference between what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-04
The ceramic tile on the market variety, glazed brick, bo changes a brick, marble tiles, and so on. Do you know how many ceramic tile kind? What are the difference and characteristics of these tiles before? What kind of ceramic tile and space for what occasion? Only understand the classification and characteristics of ceramic tile, can choose suits own ceramic tile. The following will introduce ceramic tile types and what are the difference? 1, glazed tile, glazed tile is decorated in the most common brick, because color pattern is rich, and anti-fouling ability, therefore, are widely used to decorate metope and ground. Glazed tile is the brick surface treated with burn glair brick, according to the different points of luster glaze bricks and dumb smooth glazed pottery. According to different raw materials are divided into: ceramic glazed pottery, composed of clay fire, bibulous rate is higher, the general intensity is relatively low, main characteristic is in red on the back; Porcelain glazed pottery, composed of porcelain clay fire, bibulous rate is low, the general intensity is relatively high, the main feature is back to gray. 2, connect body to the surface of the brick to connect body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent. is a kind of wear-resisting brick, although there are still ooze to spend body brick and other varieties, but relatively speaking, its design and color is not glazed pottery. As a result of current interior design more and more inclined to plain coloured design, so the brick is more and more become a kind of fashion, are widely used with the footpath outdoor at hall hall, corridor, and decoration projects such as the ground; Can use lesser commonly at metope. Most of the prevent slippery brick all belong to the brick. 3, that brick of polishing brick polish is the polished surface of adobe substrate that open system of a light brick, is a member of the tile. Is relative to connect body brick and character, polishing brick surface more bright and clean. Polishing brick hard wear-resisting, suit in the most and interior space beyond closet, kitchen. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. Polished tile polishing will leave a concave and convex air hole, the hole will shelter evil people and practices, and even some tea poured on the polishing brick is too big. Perhaps the industry realized it, then some good quality in polishing brick factory add a layer of coating, but the antifouling layer and the effect of polishing brick lost body brick. If you want to continue to connect body, had to continue to brush coating. Decoration industry also have typed before construction water wax to prevent sticking dirt. 4, bo changes a brick in order to solve the problem of polishing brick appear easy dirty, there was a bo changes a brick. Bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile actually. Its surface is bright and clean but do not need polish again, so nonexistent polish hole problem. Polishing brick bo changes a brick is a kind of aggrandizement, it USES high temperature fire and become, quality of a material is more hard than polishing brick more wear-resisting. No doubt, its price is also higher. Bo changes a brick basically is used in floor tile. The volume of 5, Mosaic Mosaic is the least of all kinds of ceramic tile, commonly known as tile. Mosaic give a person a kind of nostalgic feeling, because it was more than a decade ago to decorate the material of wall ground. Mosaic combination changes can be very much, in a flat surface, for example, can have a variety of methods: abstract design, the same as color depth jump or transition, do pattern ornament for ceramic tile, and other decorative materials and so on. For surface or the corner room, glass Mosaic more able to play a small figure of expertise, can complete package was built the surface smooth. General is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain Mosaic, glass Mosaic, the molten glass Mosaic, sintering glass Mosaic, glass Mosaic Venus, etc. Mosaic in addition to the square and rectangular and alien species. Ceramic tile type and the difference between what is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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